A Happier Samsung Story

Of course the week was not going to end without a post in here. We are all about being disciplined and whatnot. This was going to be another girly post. But one of my Google+ peeps requested me to do a review of my Samsung Galaxy S II Plus. Yes. I know. People are getting Galaxy 5 handsets and I am here with another generation of Galaxy from back in the day. (S II Plus if from January 2013 but you get my drift.) And I love it! The reason the title reads happier is because I wrote a sad Samsung story before and I claimed I’d never buy another Samsung phone in my life.

Moi University

The Library…In My Head

I am in the library. Why? I have a number of reasons.

One, I felt it would give me a sense of achievement to walk up to this place from the comfort of my room and do some substantial studying in a studious environment. Could I have done the same or even more back in that room? Only God knows.