Diary of a Bibi Mama: Third Trimester Edition


The journey is almost at the end of its beginning. Yay! Maybe it is because you had a crazy first trimester, but your third trimester is mostly a walk in the park. You’re not that tired even though you do look tired all the time. Stairs and hills are work though. Let’s not talk about looks because you gave up on that long ago. All your photos in this trimester look like a strange version of you. You can finally see that nose that was giving away your secret before you started showing the bump. Apparently it grows for you to supply enough air for two people. I mean, really? ROTFL. Oh, I forgot. I can’t roll no more.

You finally admit that the bigger clothes don’t fit you anymore. You are small, that is why it takes that long to admit it. Plus, at this point, you do not want anything that resembles pants near your tummy. Anything with zips and whatnot. So leggings are now, officially, trousers for you. Kama una shida, shauri yako. It’s either that or loose dresses. So you go on a one-time shopping spree at Toi Market. Only that everyone thinks you’re looking for baby clothes, now that your bump is very clearly there and Toi is the base for all things baby clothes. You know that now and you will hit those streets again when the baby has outgrown the ones you already got (which you hear is very soon). 

Speaking of size, people still say you are small. That this was them at five months. And you are like, how much bigger can I get really? They tell you scary tales of not being able to sleep in their beds and how they would just sit on the couch and wait for the sun to rise. Thank God that is not you. At least not this pregnancy. You can still sleep with some level of comfort on your side. You gave up on the sleep-on-the-left-all-the-time campaign though, and every once in a while, you do turn to the right.

You eat. A lot. You no longer get sick in the last month. So you EAT. Everything. I mean, you could not do this comfortably for many months, so you are going to do it now! Your original weight comes back and jumps the mark by several kilograms. Yes! You have always been excited about gaining weight, because that has always been a struggle. Let’s pray you never regret saying that. Plus he is not helping anyway. When he does not want to finish his meal, he moves the plate over to you and claims you’re eating for two. 🙄Even the heartburn let’s you go, apart from one or two days.

You watch the bump transform every few days. From the days it was just below your boobs, throttling your breathing sometimes, to the pointed ball that is lower and consistently pressing on your bladder. Yeah, you wake up at least once in the night, which you never used to when you were one person. To pee. Sometimes, your brain will refuse to go back to sleep. Thankfully, that is rare. When it does, you read your eBooks in the dark. If that does not lull you back to sleep, you walk out and work. No time to waste.

Third trimester problems

Getting up from a lying position is drama at the beginning. You groan. You turn slowly, because in your brain, you don’t want to cause chaos for the baby inside there. When you find yourself on the floor, either your butt is aching or your hip joints. On the bright side, you discover it’s easy enough to get a birthing ball in Nairobi after attending a Lamaze class. You had no idea it would make such a difference! Within a day, your joint pain is gone! 

Speaking of Lamaze, you don’t know if it’s just a placebo effect or what, but the facilitator made the two of you feel at ease about the coming feat, so you are no longer freaking out. Like bring it on! Many women have done this, why not you? 

The two of you are now experts in mathematics now. You know how your mathematics will change when your lovely bundle of joy drops. Starting from the hospital costs to the diapers. Did I mention having another person in the house to help? No more walking around naked. 🤣

Your people, both near and far, come through in big ways with lots of love and gifts. Some girls still manage to surprise you again (AGAIN) just like they did before your nuptials. Aki kwani how oblivious can you get? Anyway, you guess it wouldn’t be as much fun if you saw them surprises coming. Plus you have all the time in the world to return the favour as you get more and more experienced in these things.

Towards the last days, the legs that women keep asking about finally show some swelling signs. And your shoes are a little tighter now, so you are more comfortable with your legs on top of something. Strangely enough though, you feel like you have more energy than months before. 🤔 Is it because you know the journey is almost over? Who knows? Maybe a lot of the drama in the previous trimesters was psychological.

In short, bags are packed. Fourth trimester, we is ready!!!! 🙏

I know I promised to blog every Monday, but I have a really good reason for not doing it for over a month. Promise. My attention went elsewhere, busy discovering the entrepreneur in me. I will balance soon enough. Plus if I disappear again, surely you will understand where I will be this time, right? So if I am not back soon enough to talk about the inevitable manenos si you will have a very lovely end to 2020? God bless you all, dear friends. Thank you for your readership and encouragement. Hugs and kisses.

4 thoughts on “Diary of a Bibi Mama: Third Trimester Edition

  1. My friends call the energy nesting . . .

    All the best at this end of a beginning. Cheering for you 😊😊😊😊

    We’ll be here to welcome you whenever you show up.

    Hugs and kisses

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