The Fourth Trimester: How It Started

Ladies and gentlemen, remember when I bid you goodbye last year, one Monday in November? Little did I know that the fourth trimester was gearing to start in a day! I kid you not, it’s like I called it. One minute I am sleeping peacefully, the next, I’m heading to the loo to pee and […]

Diary of a Bibi Mama: Third Trimester Edition

The journey is almost at the end of its beginning. Yay! Maybe it is because you had a crazy first trimester, but your third trimester is mostly a walk in the park. You’re not that tired even though you do look tired all the time. Stairs and hills are work though. Let’s not talk about […]

Diary of a Bibi Mama: Second Trimester Edition

Yes. I coined a term for my new life. If you have been here long enough, you know I used to write about singlehood every month, with unashamed contentment. Then I stopped owning that vibe. As a result, we’re here with a completely new series. Somebody say hallelujah.  This is a sequel to the last […]

Your Emotions in the First Trimester

I promised to cover an entire post on the feelings and thoughts during the first trimester. I am hoping this helps a girl who inevitably finds herself here in the near future. You are not alone.  The interesting thing about the beginning of this journey is how you thought you knew what you were getting […]

10 Ways Your Body Will Surprise You in the First Trimester

It starts slowly. Gently. One moment, you’re not 100% sure you are pregnant even though you took a test that displayed two lines pretty instantaneously. You even go to the doctor’s just for a second opinion. He does no test. He is sure you are, based on your LMP and general cycle history. Oh yeah, […]

29 at 29

As I enter my 30th year, a few somethings from 2018: You may start the year with all the resolutions in the world (even when you’ve never been a resolutions kind of person), but the year may shock you in both good and bad ways by giving you its own resolutions for you. How you […]

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