There is no way August is just passing me by without a post on my favourite spot. The following post is inspired by true events.

Having gone through a class on human communication in the first semester of my fourth year in campus, I decided to decipher the messages conveyed through body language by youthful Kenyans. As usual, I am talking about men here. I love men. They are my number one inspiration to write. Plus they are an easier target for my generalizations. Girls, this is what that guy is saying when he greets you; what his hug means (if he actually gives you one).

I live in a room that offers a vantage point to Hostel K and L entrances. When I say Hostel K and L, I am referring to the ladies’ hostels, make no mistake. All the same, I will tell you about the men who frequent both hostels. That common joke about the number of men who’d emerge from either hostel in the event of a fire is very true. I will describe them to you, one by one. I will do this using Hostel L since what I see there is replicated in K. (You may think I have a lot of free time; I will let you be the judge of that.)