I will tell you the truth. The reason I did not blog yesterday. It was a long day, like every other day. My data connection refused, and so did my brain. I wanted to post one paragraph. A status update. Earlier on, someone had joked about how half his emails are from my blog. I am basically spamming people. Lol. So I decided that from now on, I will blog every other day, until something makes me change to another pattern yet again.

Anyway, my topic today; earworms.

You have seen, heard and read adverts since you were able to do so. They were not as many as they are today. The more they increase and get more intrusive, they more I ignore them, especially online. Maybe you do too. I have AdBlock specially installed for that. I even tried to get it for my Android but it did not work quite right. The fact that we want to block ads means that we don’t deem them necessary enough to warrant the disruption of our TV viewing or web browsing, especially when they are intrusive. The essence of digital marketing, or marketing for that matter, is the impact you make on any one person to the point that he/she spreads the word to another person/people. The power of word of mouth. And why would you, for instance, spread the word?