I wake up fully at 10:00. It is a Saturday and it is not my wedding day, so I do not see why I should have woken up earlier. Mum dropped by the room and left instructions before this. Someone had tried to wake me up with a text at 08:43 and I told him to try harder. Someone else tried waking me up with a call at 08:47. She laughed hard when she realized I was in bed. Do not call me before 10:00 on any Saturday from now on. Thanks. The only reason I get out of bed is because mum calls at 10:02 and asks if we are up (and that I am to water the cabbages in the garden since she has noticed they were dying lol). Also, Claire finally stirs in the other bed. I cannot let the eight-year-old roam the house alone.

We are on a weekend. Last night and today night, most Christians will be indoors at home, mostly with their families, and quite a good number alone. Their non Christian friends will mostly be out in a club or a function or basically out exploring, way into the wee hours of the night.

The good Christian family man or woman goes home early over weekdays as well. They bring up their children with a strong discipline to be home by six in the evening. The night is dark, and bad things happen in the dark.

I am not an early bird. I am a night owl.