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O Sleep, Sleep, Wherefore Art Thou Sleep? - Thoughts and Stuff

O Sleep, Sleep, Wherefore Art Thou Sleep?


My bed happens to be the place I am most creative in terms of writing ideas. Any awesome thing I have ever written, it was either before I slept or after I woke up in the morning. Indeed most ideas are cooked up while I am waiting for sleep in the dark. It is then understandable why I beg to differ with anyone who makes bed sound like it is a bad thing. It is not.

My campus bed in earlier years.

However, I will not lie. The idea for this post, for one, was not coined in bed. It was coined in a tent, in the middle of a high school field where a founders’ day service was going on. And in the usual tradition of the Alliance High School, the school captain gave a speech. The school captain post is always held by one of the most eloquent guys in the school in that year.

I remember back in the day, 2007 to be precise, the boys’ school captain was impeccable. I had a close encounter with him a few times as he belonged to my brother house. (Clearly, my admiration for him is showing. Could I be more overt?) I belonged to Dorcas Luseno, he belonged to Smith. As expected, he was the chairman of Smith’s house committee in 2006. There was this one time, we in the girls committee almost brought along a dictionary to a meeting we were holding with the boys to organize for socials. Dude could speak! Anyway, that is way off track.

Let’s come back to 2013. The current school captain mentioned that the school’s verse for the year is Proverbs 20:13:

Do not love sleep

or you will grow poor;

stay awake

and you will have food to spare.

Whoa! That is the first thought that ran through my head. You mean to tell me that in the year 2013 they picked Proverbs 20:13 that talks about sleep? The first thing I obviously did was flip through the pages of my Bible to prove that it was true. I looked at my mum who was smiling for obvious reasons and then I finally thought How totally awesome!

Sleep is good. Sleep is healthy. God engineered us to sleep at some point. He is the only one who does not slumber or sleep (Psalm 121:4). Bed was made for sleep. Problem comes when you love it. I love sleep. I could do anything to sleep. I’d rather sleep than eat. I am very serious about this by the way. I came to be like this in high school. I could doze in any class, right from morning preps through afternoon classes and right into the quiet night preps. Then I could fully wake up at 10 o’clock, when there was mandatory lights out. I laugh at myself when I remember. I still meet former schoolmates who ask me whether I still sleep. The answer is yes, but not during lectures. No. I wouldn’t want my potential husband to see me dozing off in class, now would I?

I found a way to work around my love for sleep. I am a nocturnal being (though my mum will seriously differ on this). I am fully awake in the hours before 3 am; in the dead of the night, when everyone else is asleep and quiet. And no, it is not insomnia. I will not misuse that term like some people I know on Twitter. I will take naps in the afternoon and be totally content and ready to work. I will obviously have difficulty adapting to the 8 am – 5 pm work environment in a few months. I will have to though. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Hopefully no potential employee reads this.

I got a teddy that sleeps too 🙂

I have struck a balance. It may not be realistic enough or even considerate to other people, but it is a way. I am working on finding a better way where I do not get mum and dad mad; or my campus roommate. My dad is a comedian of sorts. On any morning I happen to sleep in and he is around, he knocks at my door and recites Proverbs 6:10:

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest-

and poverty will come on you like a bandit

and scarcity like an armed man.

Need I say more?

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