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Valentine’s Day Resolution for a Single Christian Lady

By Alice Adalla

Valentine’s Day is here again. It’s ‘the season of love’, and for those of us who are single, it may just mean another Valentine’s alone. To some of us, the day is a cruel reminder of how lonely we are, and we wish that by some form of magic, we would be ferried to wonderland like the little Alice and come back when it is all over. But now, that won’t happen, right? We are just going to have to live through it. But how do we live, not only through this Valentine’s, but for the rest of our lives as singles and even beyond.  This is my resolution this Valentine’s as a single lady.

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The Valentine Case

By Okaka Felix 

2009 was a year of firsts.

It was the first ever Valentine’s Day that caught me with a Tortoise si Toto. Let it be well noted that by then I was on girlfriend number 3. Maybe, just maybe, I was a serial dater. 2009 was also the year I broke my tradition of courting a desktop girlfriend. You see, research by Synovate, Infotrak et al has shown that I have always had an affinity for laptops. I swear it was true love.

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Valentine’s Day: Based on a True Story

By Ken Mwirigi 

Part I

It was the first Valentine’s Day I was spending with a person. I was relatively new in this relationship business, so the fears and jitters I had were real. I could not think of ways of coming up with a perfect surprise, at least to impress the person. The furthest I had gone in the ‘treating’ business was occasionally throwing in ‘smokie chinjaz’ when we took a stroll to the Stage to procure ka-quarter ka supper. You see, we had a lot in common. We played the same game, which gives you an idea on how we met. Unlike Tedd Mosby, I did not have a story to tell. I just saw the fundamendoz while on the pitch and fisi mode kicked in. Two days and we were locked. Again, back then, I was not like the current me. Closed.

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Of Frogs, Princes and Valentine’s Day

By September

I have a confession. I am 24 years old, and I’ve never had a Valentine. Now, I could say it’s because I’ve turned down each of the hundreds of men fighting over me at my doorstep because of my stunning beauty and womanly wiles. But for the simple reason that I don’t believe in Valentine’s, but that would be a blatant lie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ugly, at least I hope not. I have had my fair share of catcalls from construction workers when I wear my figure hugging (read ‘uncomfortably tight’) dress, and I have had my fair share of love letters from preschoolers and high schoolers alike. You know, the ones written in red, with a touch of perfume and totally irrelevant song dedications under the title ‘Dedix’.

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What Valentine’s Day Does to Men’s Pockets and Egos

By Barasa Ongeti

Cupid (Credits:

The mascot associated with love and Valentine’s Day is Cupid. That short chubby fellow who flies around with a bow and an arrow. Have you ever posed and thought about that for a moment? A short chubby fellow holding a WEAPON. Not a rose flower, not a bottle of wine. A weapon. This tells you just how much pain is associated with the day.

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Honey, I Don’t Have a Headache Tonight

By Wanjiru Kihusa

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I can already hear the collective groan from the men. I know how hard it is on you. I do. It’s just after January, the never-ending 60 day month that constantly reminds you of the poor financial decisions you made in December. Finally it’s over. February is here, bringing so much relief from the stress of January. An oasis in the desert. And now your girl wants flowers, chocolate and a fancy dinner in a fancy restaurant! I know you mean well but sometimes you forget. I understand. The day gets so busy and you don’t realize how much you’ve messed up until you get home and get that sour look from your wife. So today I’m going to cut you some slack, give you a break. Today, let me speak to the ladies.

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Let’s Just Be Friends This Valentine’s

Writer chooses to remain anonymous. 

Every year this week since I graduated from high school, I make a promise to myself to date or have a meaningful relationship with someone. And every year, I don’t. Somewhat.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t dated. I have had some “satisfying” relationships, but not many last till Valentine’s Day. It’s some coincidence I have never understood. In high school, it was an unwritten rule that you had to put some effort into Valentine’s Day by doing something for a girl in a school across the valley. I wrote x-rated letters because the school system allowed us to remain anonymous. It was fun.


To Whom It May Concern

I was going to write about Valentine’s Day. About how I wish you were here already, so we could celebrate our love. But I will not because I am very confused right now. Someone somewhere decided 2014 will be the year Africa takes the homosexuality topic to another level. It’s all about the laws and bills in Uganda and Nigeria. Meanwhile others are ‘coming out’.

Where do we draw the line between right and wrong? Should what is right change over time? Should what I consider wrong change because everyone else has accepted it is right now?

I do not know what to think any more.

We were going to talk about this sooner than later, my dear. I will need you to be sure about who you are, just like I am sure about who I am. I will need you to be that strong tree that is not swayed by every gale that blows its way.

I have never understood, I will not even try to understand why some things happen. I have no idea why a man would be convinced he has sexual feelings for another man. Or even a woman for another. I do not understand why it is called being in the closet. I do not understand.

Valentine’s is around the corner and I am yet to meet you. I know you are somewhere out there. Perhaps I have met you already. All I ask of you is, my dear, be grounded. I never talk about these issues because they are none of my concern at the moment. Sexual issues.

One thing I am sure of, though, is that I cannot be waiting in vain. I cannot wait for you only for you to one day announce, at the prime of you mid-life crisis, that you are not sure of your sexual orientation. (Who even came up with that term?) Because people have put ideas in your mind. You were surely not born that way. If you were, you wouldn’t need to convince us, we would naturally accept it.

I am not even sure why I am writing this yet I love Modern Family so much, Cam and Mitchell and all. I love Cam especially. I just do, probably because they are characters in a mockumentary. Maybe I am also not being realistic.

But like I said, what do I know? I hope I will know. One day.

PS: I will write to you about Valentine’s soon. It’s still days away. Keep checking your mailbox.