Karibu Moi University (Part 2)


(Continued from Karibu Moi University (Part 1))

When it comes to the number of campuses to its name, Moi University has no rival. I have only been to one so I will not explore the rest. It has aircrafts, a textile company, a building in the city. I guess all this help fulfil its mission in some way.

It has some intriguing preference for The Standard newspaper. Any announcements are first made in it; confused announcements if I might add. I spent half the holiday looking for green announcements in the papers for changes in opening dates. They change every day. This particular semester, we are resuming school in bunches. Rumour has it they needed the money. Ha! And I thought we had companies and planes!

Back to main campus in Kesses. Depending on the school you find yourself in, you might never find a seat for your lecture because we are overcrowded. So you either get there hours earlier or you push your way in if there was a class in there before or just give up on attending lectures. Take your pick.

Before lectures really take off, it takes about a month give or take. Then that wasted time is made up in longer lectures, superfluous handouts and soft copy notes. But I am sure Moi is not alone on this one.

They say you remember more of what you see and do than what you hear.

That’s where academic trips come in. The drama that comes with these field trips is amazing. For my class, we had to camp outside the transport office for a whole day because they claimed there were no buses available for us. Believe it or not; we left before dusk in ten matatus, one school bus and an Eldoret Express bus. That was all they could come up with. Remember the planes…

The only place you can access the internet on Wi-Fi is in the library. We might be the only university with such a limited one. Not complaining. At least we have it.

The Student’s centre is where everything happens. It also doubles up as the basketball court. If you ask me, a university could much better. Plus we have no swimming pool. That is a big joke because thinking about it, my high school had both a swimming pool and a basketball court. It’s not like I would use them or anything, I am just speaking for many others who need them.

The magnificent library is full of very old books that are pretty much irrelevant in this day and age. So basically if you are among the few people with an actual reading culture, there is no motivation to cultivate it.

You might ask why I go on pointing these negativities out. Possibly you are thinking, ‘Girl, get out of there already!’ but you see, that is the thing about life, never will everything go according to your plan (even the Adjustment Bureau guys know that). You take it and live it to the fullest.

Give thanks for where you are. And indeed I am grateful for being in Moi University. Great men and women have emerged from this institution despite everything. And I, for one, will not be an exception. Neither shall you.

I’m done.

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  1. great insight Shiks.at least for a freshman like myself, I have the other view of MU.great insight Shiks.at least for a freshman like myself, I have the other view of MU.

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