Bored cannot begin to describe what I am right now. It is a Sunday night I have been stuck in my room watching movies because I have managed to push away very many people who used to keep me company on Sundays. I cannot even begin to count how many they are.

I have this thing, some sort of phobia for letting people too close. The moment I try, I end up getting hurt. Okay, life is about taking risks but still some risks are not worth it, especially if you know they are not a matter of life and death.

The reason I am bored is maybe because I took timeout from twitter. I used to tweet like every other minute, on my phone and laptop whenever I got the chance. Some people even refer to me as the girl who carries a laptop everywhere because in all fairness that is what I am around campus.

There something about me and cyberspace. Actually over 80% of my friends I met in it. I don’t know why but that’s just how it is. Even my tightest classmates and friends in campus, I did not meet them during a lecture or while walking around the campus, it was either on facebook or twitter.

This is a good and a bad thing. Cyberspace makes people who are not naturally outgoing to appear to be so in writing. It gives introverts like me an avenue to be heard and socialize without the fear that millions of eyes are staring at you on a stage.

I have met awesome people through the Internet. They have been there since we met and listen to all my blubbering and arguments. Never mind they are all dudes for some strange reason. Heck, I even earn via the net too! Which brings me to the other thing; Internet has sort of alienated me from girlfriends.

I have formed this notion that girls have too much drama. It could be true, I am one anyway. It takes one to know one. But really, who am I kidding? A dude may cause more drama than ten girls combined, drama inside your heart and head. Oh yes, I am sure you could tell I was coming to this. The root cause of many decisions, whether directly or indirectly, is the soul mate issue. How possible is it to find one online? That is a story for another day lest I get us all confused.

There is the bad. You do not know when to take someone seriously in this virtual world made of millions of code. Most are not even themselves. You may be having a conversation with someone who is just taking you for a ride while on the other side of the continent or world you are taking every word as gospel truth.

The time I waste on the net rather than doing something constructive is unbelievable. This is debatable though. What exactly is constructive? I can get a whole lot of information from Google in 5 minutes than I would by walking around the library looking for a book. But then there is the problem of information overload and all (yeah I had to bring my information sciences into the blog for once). Google might end up confusing me than actually helping me.

Like this one time I had an embarrassing condition and kept quiet about it for weeks (don’t let your imagination run wild, it was not that bad but I thought it was). So what did I do? Of course I Googled and misdiagnosed myself which contributed to me keeping quiet longer.

Eventually I gave up and saw a doctor who solved the problem. That is definitely a bad thing, thinking that the Internet has answers for everything. Sometimes, the traditional sources are much better and reliable.

To be continued…

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