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Somewhere in the middle... - Thoughts and Stuff

Somewhere in the middle…


The last time I posted something was over a month ago…shame on me. Anyway, as usual, I have been thinking. Clearly I do that a lot. This time I have been thinking about stuff in my little world that appears somewhere in the middle.

The very first thing that made do this is the song by Casting Crowns with a similar title. I sort of owe them that piece of creativity, slightly on the brink of plagiarism. Anyway, somewhere in the middle…

I thought about this a few hours ago when I was in the outside kitchen lighting up the firewood to place some heavy black sufuria on the stones. Yes, we have one of those at home, your typical Kikuyu family. Somehow, the home is not complete without it. That is why I thought about this. You see, I live in Kikuyu. (I was shocked to find out that some people in this country have no idea Kikuyu is a place. That is why I support the county edition through and through for educating the masses). Anyway, Kikuyu is neither rural or urban, it is just…somewhere in the middle.

Somewhere in this middle is a girl who has a lot of decisions to make every day, just like you and everyone else on earth. For instance, I am supposed to be in school as we speak. But I am not because I decided I would rather waste time at home than 310km away. That aside, I have been having serious pains around my head and teeth.

Funny thing is, this began when I got to school a few days ago. Believe it or not, even my closest friends claim it is a psychological condition. Sometimes, I think so too. But hey, I am the one in pain. Why would I make up pain? To come home? To get myself out of certain tasks? Come on, that is a stunt we all pulled in lower primary. When it was the only way we thought mum and dad would hear us out. As I suffer this little pain, I am torn between waiting for it to subside on its own or visiting a doctor or a dentist. I’m stuck somewhere in the middle…

In the middle of the 310km journey is Nakuru, the town that is growing rapidly. Right in the middle of the very smooth A104 road; somewhere between Eldoret and Nairobi, Nakuru is perfect. It is beautiful and not too far or too near the capital. There is the lake and breathtaking sites all round. An appealing residence for many, somewhere in the middle…

On the other hand, some other issues I had rather not mention here have put me at a crossroads. I do not know what to do because either way, the risks are high. Seating on the fence is safe, right? Maybe if you do it at the beginning stages of a potential relationship, it saves you a lot of misery. You want to know what you are getting into after all. But if it takes too long, you are doomed. Someone will go looking elsewhere, you will be left mumbling about how he or she was not meant to be yours. But how do you know if you did not give them a chance while you were stuck in the middle?

So what is the point of being stuck somewhere in the middle if I do not enjoy a benefit? From my analysis it seems the only things that are perfect in the middle are places, like Kikuyu and Nakuru. Period.

Somewhere in the middle, you will find me, but not for long. Because I have made up my mind, I will go see a doctor. I will take a stand when I feel something is not right. I will do this even when it makes me lose friends or followers (the Twitter phenomenon that has become a circus. No offence). I will make up my mind about who I will love.

Somewhere in the middle…you will not find me.

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