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Yesterday night, or rather, morning (it was around 1 a.m.), I freaked myself out. It is the norm for me to sleep later than everyone in the house which is totally expected as I wake up later than all of them.
I freaked out for no reason as I am finding out now. I lost 2 hours of sleep imagining all sorts of things simply because I heard a noise just before the clock struck one. You can imagine in all that quiet, alone on the sofa, writing a post in my other blog and then I hear something outside.

I am a coward. I could not walk to the window and I did not. I could not bring myself to push away the curtain and peer into the dark unknown world, a world where I had heard some noise.

The last time there was noise like that at home, we were all asleep. And some of those people who sleep all day and wait for innocent hardworking citizens to sleep their turn were out there breaking windows and stealing things. Ok, the thieves these sides are pretty petty, they steal anything but never get into the house. 

One time, they broke into the little house outside and made off with a whole bed, double size.
They ended up leaving it in the middle of some garden a little past our house after mum screamed her heart out. This was just after they broke a window in mum and dad’s bedroom and made all sorts of threats with torches. At that point, no one is thinking that all they have is torches because you cannot do much on the other side of the bright light.

Yes, even that time, I just sat there, no screaming, no nothing…just praying all would end fast.
Back to yesternight. I slowly put my laptop on hibernation and switched off the living room lights (now who does that in such a situation really?). I walked to my room and just sat there to listen. Nothing happened for a while.

Then I heard it again. At this point, those overly dramatic sentences we wrote in primary school would fit perfectly, the ones involving tom-tom drums of West Africa and so on. I was so frightened that I could not do anything but just lie on my bed and pray.

I know how hilarious this looks even to me now. Everyone else in the house is asleep and I am lying in bed, tossing and turning imagining all sorts of things happening outside. Eventually I did sleep.

After I figured that those were probably mice playing around in the ceiling since we chased away our cat a few months back; or the dog walking around the house bumping into random objects. None of the scenes I was playing out in my head were happening out there for sure.

I lost sleep for no reason. I did not finish my post. I did not watch a movie as I normally do. I just wasted 2 hours freaking out over a sound. It is possible I made up more sounds in the following minutes. Maybe now I will start sleeping early so that whatever random sounds ring in the night will find me in dreamland.

In the meantime, I will laugh at my cowardly self that is obviously still afraid of what happens in the dark.

3 thoughts on “Last night

  1. Dude,you are such a gal! Oh wait,you ARE a gal. Anywho,it prolly was mice having a stag party in the ceiling or mice making out. Its hard to tell with mice,coz they are nocturnal-ish. But putting your laptop on hibernation? PURE BRILLIANCE! I bet you scared the petty thief with that move. tehehehehe.

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