Today I will be brief, mostly because I have no power to enjoy my time online.

You spend four hours in a jam and you start questioning civilization as it is.

You spend five days in darkness and you start wondering whether the part of the country you live in was marked out of Kenya without your knowledge. It gets worse when everybody else thinks you have not paid your electricity bill.

I wonder whether there is another part of the world where rain, traffic jams and blackouts are precursors of each other.

Who came up with roundabouts?

Are we as human beings our own undoing?

Why will someone hurl a grenade here today, another tomorrow and after a few days of hullaballoo we will all forget about it until the next one is hurled?

Maybe it is because we are caught somewhere between trying to catch up with the First World countries and overcoming the struggles that they overcame centuries ago.

The sad bit is you and I will rant and rave about it now and then when it is over, we will forget and move on until the next bout of floods and blackouts descend on us again. The cycle will continue until we will be immune.

Familiarity breeds content. Are you content? (John Reuben’s Word of Mouth). 

By the way, for all you Grammar Nazis thinking the word should be contempt; well it is not in this case.


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