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Bye-bye Holiday, Hello Fourth Year - Thoughts and Stuff

Bye-bye Holiday, Hello Fourth Year


Finally, I began my fourth year of study last Thursday. While that is just theoretical in many ways at the moment, I have the key to my room, a mattress the size of a blanket and a positive attitude to match. The timetable may very well take a week to materialize and classes another week to take off.

I should be in school right now, but I am not. I always come back home after the stress of registration, just to remind myself that I have a home even when I am treated like trash somewhere else. I also like ensuring that I enjoy the last bits of my holiday, regardless of how long it was. This particular one was 7 months and 1 week long. Yes, over half a year. Some schoolmates look like they were eating the whole time they were home, puffed up like babies. Another month and they would have very well accepted the obese tag. I may have added a kilo or two myself. I should find out.

Anyway, the holiday was great. So great:

  • I met new people (pssssst…courtesy of Twitter), great people, spontaneous people and the works. Slowly, I am getting to be spontaneous too, though that will take a while to really grow in me. Most of these people are worried I will blog about them. (Ha! There I just did.) Again, people will come and go. Some will come back. It is up to you to be wise enough to accept the reality and be the best person to them. I lost people. Right at the very beginning of the holiday, I lost a friend to a car accident. I learnt that you are never too young to die, nor are you too young to give your youth as an excuse for not being the change you want to see in the world.
  • I learnt that there are so many legit ways to earn a living, you just got to pull up your sleeves and work. Plus, money will be here today and gone tomorrow if you don’t find a real way to invest and save. Like M.O.G. sing, pesa ni kama sabuni (Translation: Money is like soap. Mind you, I had no idea what that meant until my thirteen year old brother explained it to me. Yeah, I don’t like the song so I was bent on insisting it did not make sense. Clearly, it does. I think I now like it after listening again.)
  • I realized that no matter what people say is marketable as a career; it all boils down to you. Your passion, your talents, your skills. Cliché or not, no one else will regret the choice but you. After all, it is you who will be stuck in a job you don’t like. Furthermore, just because everyone assumes that having a job is waking up in the morning, beating traffic, working out there all day and getting back home in the evening, doesn’t make that online job in the comfort of your couch a lesser job. It is the 21st century for crying out loud!
  • I was reminded of the value of time. Time flies. Cliché again. True again. I started the holiday with so many plans, but I have just managed to fulfil a few. They say you make time for what you want. I made time for what I really wanted, what I didn’t have to do, I postponed. I remember laughing at my friends who were a year ahead of me. The final project was stressing them up. I asked one of them why they hadn’t studied the coding during the holiday and he said that he had postponed it until it was too late. I confidently replied that it wouldn’t happen to me. Shock on me! (Or not.) Deep inside me, I knew I would not be disciplined enough to put off a movie to study consistently. Oh well, the semester is here and I have no choice.
The last time I am dragging luggage around Moi University 🙂

The holiday was long enough to keep writing but I will stop there. Onward to a new academic year, a new semester filled with new experiences and lessons.

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