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School's out! - Thoughts and Stuff

School’s out!


“Hi Shiku!”
“Hi there.”
“How’s school?”
“School? What school?”

Okay, people. It has come to my attention that some of you think I am still in school (going by the messages I am receiving on phone and Facebook). Well, here is the news. I am no longer a student. I cleared from Moi University on Tuesday the 9th of July 2013. I admit I have failed as a writer. I should have blogged that very day and acknowledged various people. All the same, it is not too late.

First of all, I have not really cleared. It cannot be that easy in Moi University. They make you get a clearance form that requires about 20 signatures from people who you have never even interacted with. My dad saw the form, flipped the leaves, spotted the Games Department slot and laughed out loud. I do not know what made him laugh exactly; the fact that he is certain I play no sport or that the department matters in deciding my fate in terms of graduation.

To cut the long story short, all the lecturers in the Department of Information Technology decided to attend a workshop in Nairobi so half my form is not filled since the HOD’s signature determines whether the Dean of Faculty, Chief Academic Officer etc sign the form. The bureaucracy in the system is exasperating, to say the least. Need I mention that some of those offices are even non-existent. The office of the Chief Academic Officer died with the new Commission for University Education. Anyway, I left. I will go back when I feel I need to. I need those signatures to graduate.

As I type this, I am seated in front of a jiko, multitasking. Some githeri is cooking. This week, I am the housekeeper. Next week, I will be thrown into the 8-5 work system for my internship. You can be sure I will tell you all about it. Stay tuned. Having said that, I would like to mention a few people here:

  • My clique, +LILIAN BONARERI , +James Mwangi and Zeph Raduma (who is clearly not on Google+). You guys made my stay in Moi University pleasant. I can’t even remember the last time I felt homesick after I started hanging out with you. Lilian, you were my partner in crime (hehe) throughout fourth year. May God give you peace through this time of mourning. All my love. James and Zeph, I was your third roommate. I already know enough people who thought I was a girlfriend to one of you. That hotspot you created in your room, your awesome meals, your listening ears, your arguments; If I could go back to Moi, I would totally do it just to enjoy a Friday night watching #TheTrend with you guys.
  • The people who made the proverb “iron sharpens iron” ring true, the three above, +kimuge stanley and +Ruth Jepleting. I never believed in group discussions before this group materialized. I owe you guys my open mind.
  • My one and only deskie +Richard Keep. This man. He sat next to me for the better part of the four years. We tweeted our way out of boring lectures and managed to make classmates think we were an item. LOL
  • Reinhard Ranji, yet another who was apparently my boyfriend in first year according to the grapevine. He was the first person I met with the exact taste in music as mine. (Uno uno seis baby!) He probably knows all my boy stories. Only thing we did not do is sing in front of people. 😀 He can randomly unleash Bible verses and oh, dude can dance!
  • My #MoiUni tweeple, @MukuiyaR and all those men who left before us. Those who were there before the concept of Twitter bigwig existed, you know yourselves. These people ensured I stepped up my blogging and wrote more. My sons, Wi-Fi peeps at the lounge at school, you know yourselves: @IanOsundwa, @Lee_TheSid, @MrEricWainaina, mko wengi tu sana wacha niachie hapo.
  • My 3rd Eye people. They took me in as late as I was in fourth year and allowed me to contribute in taking the press club forward. I will not mention you guys by name, mko wengi pia. You gave me something to live for inside that campus, ensuring students were updated through our fan page. And boy has it grown!

To my Information Sciences classmates, I will miss you and all the drama that made us acquire some bad name in the school, unfortunately. If I have not mentioned you by name, I owe you. Take it up with me immediately after this.

Some lecturers were totally awesome. I will always remember Mr. Furaha. I loved that man. Maybe I was just biased because he taught us “The Art of Writing” and lauded the paper my group wrote. Some other lecturers, not so much. I will not mention names.

I will not even pretend to have ever liked the housekeepers. Ever. They are the reason I sat outside offices for days just to get a room I deserved. The chips cafe dudes who ensured I propagated my laziness in cooking, I salute you.

All you who took your time to visit and know me, I will miss you. Success in all that you do, God’s blessings and do not be strangers.

I guess I can say this marks the end of me consistently writing about Moi University. Maybe I will eat my words and pursue my master’s in the very same university, or even make my return as the Vice Chancellor. Who knows?

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