Why I Write


You know what surprises me? What makes me laugh? It is the fact that I write on this blog all the time but somehow I manage to pass all the wrong messages. I love writing. I write because that is the only way I can be heard without being interrupted. I do not write to hint at people. Unfortunately that is what I end up doing. There’s always someone somewhere who believes I am writing about him. What surprises me most is the fact that more than one person will think a post was about him.

Even more interesting is that the posts that fall prey to suspicious eyes are always about love. Like this one here or this one. I have decided to come out clear and tell you the truth behind my posts. I never write without a specific inspiration behind it. There is always someone I am writing about and most times, they do not even get to read it. The reason I write is because I believe someone else will relate to my experience and probably even learn something that helps him/her make a better decision.

I write when someone pisses me off. I write when someone makes me happy. Like watching a mushy movie and crying to unleash the inner feelings I have, I write for the same reason too. I find it rather healthy, other than, say, walking up to the culprit and knocking the daylights out of him.

I also write that I may be understood, even if I have been told that I am an expert in all things cryptic. Today, I was going to lash out at someone who pissed me off in the morning. Then I figured it would make no sense at all. The other day I asked a friend whether he’d ever read my blog and he went like “The one you usually rant and share the story of your lonely life? Or you have another?”

Okay. I was all “I hate you” and stuff but I said yes. Because, essentially, that is what I do in here. “I rant and share the story of my lonely life”. LOL

But seriously though, you have to be extra careful when you choose to go the blogging way. In many ways, it is an art. You have to pick the right moment to blog so that no one gets offended or realizes it’s about them. You also have to decide on whether you are going to be petty or real. Do you want to write for views (virality) or for actual useful content? I choose to go with the latter. I am not suggesting that viral cannot be useful, I am just saying it is not my thing.

Plus I use this as a platform for bigger things, if you know what I mean. Life is about progress and using what you have to do what you can until another door opens. That is what I do here. Hope you are doing the same in whatever area you are in. Chase what you love. Nothing will come to you without your effort. Like they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. And as I write that, I have made a note to myself too because God knows I have watched dozens of opportunities pass me by as I watch.

December resolution, grab hold of every opportunity and see how it goes. There’s nothing to lose! Now you know why I do this. Or perhaps I just let you know what I want you to know. I guess you will never know.

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