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August Awakening - Thoughts and Stuff

August Awakening

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If you keep getting pissed off over tiny things your boss or your workmate does that affect your work, you are most likely to blame too. I came to this realization when I grabbed a copy of X News for the first time and caught an article on X Career titled “You got the job finally, don’t hate it.” I will go ahead and quote it:

“You are the one to create the conditions you want to work in. Deciding this by yourself, other things will fall in place, not even your boss will push you. Being pushed irritates you and makes you hate your job. Create the conditions, enjoy the conditions you create.”

If they won’t give me the salary I want, I will not give them my all. Don’t have that tit-for-tat attitude. That might affect your chances of ever getting that salary you want in the first place. The article made me think about what irritates me and what I can do about it. Communicate better. Do the best you can.

If you think you are careful with your passwords, think again. There are techies who cannot send passwords through email or SMS. They use encrypted chat apps to send passwords you cannot remember even at gunpoint. What?! Maybe the folks who run those government Twitter accounts should meet these techies.

If you hang out with kids for an entire day, they will tread on your very clean Tomy Takkies and treat you like you are age mates. (Probably because you are tiny.) They will want your phone and weigh you down with their playful hugs. And then you will have a backache the rest of the week. Not complaining. 🙂

If you think July was cold, think again. I could have been a Ngwata Francis in another life.

If you know someone getting married this August (wedding ceremony nini nini), hug them. Harusi ni ya jamii and it will confuse you like someone I know. 2017, I dare you to confuse me!

If you keep talking about stomach upsets and people down with ailments like that, you will probably imagine having it yourself. Especially after you have gone hard on a dish you have never had before like, say, Chinese. Then get home and mum goes like, ‘Kari kagui uriire?’ (Was it dog meat?) Smh.

If you are trying new coffees like me, do not go around saying their names if you are not sure how they are pronounced. Like espresso and mocha. Or just say them the way you want and the waiter will correct you. There is nothing wrong with being wrong once in a while. Plus your friend will probably remind you of the day you said it wrong and you will laugh away your advanced years.

If you read an announcement about new ATM cards and you wait like me for something to happen to your card so that you can take action, well, let’s see what will happen now that July is done and dusted. Najivunia kuwa Mkenya.

If you think romantic men do not exist, think again. Story for another day. 😉

If this post looks too short, you need to take a long look at yourself. Then you will consider the fact that you are short-sighted. Enjoy August people! And I am still waiting for your post, you. Yes you.

(If you think running a blog on your own domain is easy, look at me. No one but you is responsible for its downtime. Not Larry Page, not the guys at Automattic or even your hosting service. Man up. Or woman up. You asked for the responsibility.  Do not worry about the site look right now. We are undergoing reconstruction due to unavoidable circumstances. I know there are no share buttons. Next time, there will be some. Sit tight.)

4 thoughts on “August Awakening

  1. Been awhile since I sauntered down these bloggy streets. I think the post is a bit short, then I looked at meself and it still looked short…Nice piece though. 🙂

  2. I am loving the new look. I wish our roads looked like this while under construction. Looking forward to seeing the finished site. Hopefully it will still have the thumbs up thingy. 🙂

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