5 Takeaways from October


I am so tired, but somehow I had to do this. October was just a few minutes past and I promised myself I would share lessons I have learnt from the month with you. It has been one interesting month.

I will start from the end. For starters, I am on leave. Yay! I might be even more occupied than when I am at work, all the same. There is something mundane about sitting at a desk all day because you are supposed to. I honestly don’t like it. But a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. What have I learnt then?

It is possible to achieve more and cover all the bases when you are not stuck at a desk. You can take that to the bank, literally. Won’t I have a hard time going back to that desk in a week!

I went back to Moi University for my degree certificate. I can see you shaking your head. The next time I will go back to that place will be never. Unless someone very close to me wants me there. Unless I become a consultant there. Unless I miss it. Okay, fine. I may go back. In fact, I did not even get my transcripts. I just wanted to clear with the bureaucracy. I got nothing but love for the institution. And I am not even being sarcastic. Lessons?

God is good. Full stop. People come and go. Only the security guard recognized me when I walked into my faculty. Bless those guys. People change. The few who I knew and are still in Moi have developed tummies. Of course they are men. Places do not change much in a year. Unless it’s KU and its crowded buildings. Make friends with people of your gender. Yeah, I know you know I love keeping male friends. Yes they help. Thank you, Stanley and Sidney. But if I had female friends in that campus, I would not have had to commute to and fro Eldoret town to complete the process. It’s a 35km/Ksh 100 distance, just in case you are wondering. I still believe whoever came up with the idea of establishing a campus in the middle of nowhere was a bit misguided. You may not like your public university, but someone else will see something nice in it. Mum thought the degree certificate had a really nice cover she never got herself from KU when public universities were awesome. See?

Moi University Degree certificate
Of course I uploaded it.

I met up with some people for a proposal and you will never believe what one of them said upon seeing me. “Small girl with big voice.” Maybe, I am being a tad melodramatic. Of course you believe it, after all, I have told you about it before. Lesson?

Sometimes things happen so often, you begin to imagine you make them up in your head, until someone you have never met reminds you. Until someone reminds you that you are a small girl with a big voice.

I have had these annoying braids on for most of October. I don’t like them. I have never liked synthetic fibre on my head but I have to because all my female friends and family insist that it is the only way to get my hair lustre back. Third week on and I am still itching. They are going down next week. I know you don’t like them too, J. Keep calm. 🙂 I have white hairs, by the way. They stand out very nicely at the front and I tend to notice when people stare at them for too long, so I have been announcing my white hairs before they comment. Lesson?

Insecurity of how you look comes in many forms. For the first time, I actually liked my look when I walked out of the salon but I rarely do. I only feel better when I style my hair my own way. And then when someone says I look good. We, after all, thrive on positive feedback. As for this acne that will not go away, your days are numbered.

I have friends. Great friends I have hang out with after a really long time. Friends with OCD (I know you know it is you, H2H. Anyone who washes his hands all the time, all factors held constant, including Ebola, has OCD in my book. You can only wash your hands so many times.) Friends who are doing great things. Lesson?

There are only two ways to look at your friends’ successes, be green or be grateful that you are friends with such people. Period.

I was going to go on, but then I figured you are all asleep and I need to sleep too. Plus I cannot be the only who is sharing lessons from October yawa! Also, I might just be sharing these takeaways every Saturday this month if you talk to me nicely. Do have yourselves a beautiful November! Lots of love. (For a moment there, I almost wrote you a love letter. Brrr! Must be the cold in my feet.)

3 thoughts on “5 Takeaways from October

  1. Hahahaha. Small girl with a big voice. You are not alone. No one has ever told me I have a big voice but once in a while, while (what is happening here) telling a story, someone would interrupt me and ask me to lower my voice because the ladies walking across the street can hear what I’m saying.

    My October lesson is that willpower is like a muscle, it needs exercise to be strong. And I do not have the willpower to explain that, sigh.

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