Someone said I should preach more on this blog. Maybe I should. I almost did not do my Saturday share but you know what, a promise is a debt, like we said when we were kids. So here goes. I have made it a habit to read Our Daily Bread (ODB) daily on my phone. I had sort of stopped doing it mostly because of misplaced priorities. I would read it daily in high school, after someone signed me up for it. I don’t know who but it must have someone in Christian Union right around my year in form one. I would read the day’s piece and fall right asleep while praying during morning prep. Lol. Yeah, I was that girl.

Anyway, one day I decided to read ODB after Googling it and pap, Google Now picked it up and now it gives me the link every morning. So I left the physical booklets for my mum to own. And that is one of the many reasons Google is awesome. This is not a sponsored post, just in case you were wondering. This week, ODB had an interesting piece titled ‘The Final Picture‘. It made me think a lot, especially after clicking to Bible Gateway and reading the verse for the day, Isaiah 40:21-31:

26 Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens:
Who created all these?
He who brings out the starry host one by one
and calls forth each of them by name.
Because of his great power and mighty strength,
not one of them is missing.

I remembered that this is the same chapter that has been drilled into us since we were in primary school, but just the last verses. The ones about soaring on wings like eagles. You can go ahead and recite them. 😉 But let’s focus, this passage is about the greatness of God and how no one can understand or compare Him with someone else. That is what you need to think about, coming from days when people were all about Kanyari and Betty Bayo and when  religion was, once again, dubbed the opium of the masses. You cannot help but wonder why you believe what you believe. The same way we think those people who still think Kanyari is a man of God are stupid is the same way atheists think we believers are stupid.

I read The Wag by Waga Odongo too, something I have begun doing since Clay Muganda disappeared to The Standard. I just cannot bring myself to read that paper. I can be very stubborn when I need to be. Waga was wondering why we should believe in a deity when we have no proof in his piece ‘This man has given us reason to prod all our belief systems’. All the questions he raised in the column were simply because Kanyari did what he did (which Waga said was nothing new, which is true.) He also talked about his atheist friend who gives to a church because they give to a charity she’s concerned about. His point being we should not enrich people in the name of giving to a deity but rather give directly to poor people. He had a point though not entirely. And this is the reason I tend to give my tithe through other means. Last time I sent it to RBC ministries (the guys who have been sending me ODB for all those years without even ever asking me for a coin for the services.)

You know what guys? Just because there was one rogue ‘MOG’ and they are many more out here, it should not make you stop believing. It would be pretty pointless if it takes one man for you to ‘prod’ your belief systems. You probably believe for the wrong reasons. Or you believe because you were born and found your people believing. In the end, it’s about you. It’s about how stupid you are willing to be. Whether you are the kind of person who is swayed by everything that comes your way. Of course you are allowed to question stuff. But do not lose yourself is seeking to get answers you will never get. Do not be a believer, a Christian, because your mother is one or your pastor. If that’s why you believe then I would not be shocked if you stumble because you discover your pastor is a fake. And while at it, remember that science never has and never will answer everything. Chew on that.

It is 12:27, officially Sunday. I broke my promise to write every Saturday. Be easy on me.

Look up in the sky, ohh I made it
Think I’m gon’ lie when I tell you I ain’t gon’ take it
I got hands on nations, check my reputation
Yeah that scoreboard still 1-0 cause my tomb is vacant
That’s why I’m… Undefeated

~ KB

8 thoughts on “Undefeated

  1. On the contrary I still think you should continue writting staff that affects us on a day to day life… ..I will tell the guy what the bible says about the rich man who died went to hell and wanted to come back and tell his people that God and heave. Is real. He was told if they cant hear the other preachers who are there they will probaly not listen to you…
    God bless

    1. I did not say I’d stop writing as usual, Mbugua. Relax. Bado nipo na story zangu za maisha. And thanks for your continued readership. I appreciate it!

  2. Like I’m usually told by a friend, “Just because we have fake doctors, it doesn’t men that when you’re sick you don’t go to the hospital”. People who base their belief in Christ Jesus from what their pastors or other Christians are doing, are on the wrong path. Your sole reason to have faith in God should come directly from what you know about Him. Not what other people do around you.

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