What I Watched in 2014


Now You See Me – I began the year with this one specifically because everyone around me talked about it in 2013. Well, it wasn’t such a mind-blowing movie but it was something. That’s the thing about movies that everyone talks about. They are never that good.

Sherlock – what can I say? I still rewatch this every time. I love when stuff makes me think. Still waiting for that next season. If you are a fan, you know we can wait forever for the seasons.

12 Years a Slave – if you did not watch this, you are not Kenyan. The Lupita factor aside, there’s always a beauty in historical movies. I cried, like in every other movie that I watch.

Pitch Perfect – talk about an awesome movie! You know a movie is awesome when you Google stuff about it immediately after. Fat Amy rocks from here to Timbuktu!

Fat Amy: You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave. 😀

The Walking Dead – I don’t know why, but I decided to watch this. I almost gave up when Sophia was discovered in the barn. Then when cannot-remember-his-name killed his best friend. I finally gave up in season 2 or 3. Not sure. The prison season. I cannot understand how people still watch it.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – B.O.R.I.N.G. What?! Only reason I watched it was because ‘John Watson’ is in it. The dwarves singing is all I can remember. Pretty neat.

Modern Family – never gets old.

Once Upon a Time – still watching. You know a series is awesome when I mention it in a post on this blog.

Jobs – what can I say about this one? Wicked.

The Blacklist – gave up. Yeah, lacks the oomph.

2 Guns – eeerrr. Only because Denzel was in it.

Frozen – all my Sunday school babies have watched this thing and they sing the song whenever you ask them to present something in front of the class. I don’t get it. I simply don’t. All the same, Olaf was awesome!Olaf_from_Disney_Frozen

The Internship – EPIC FAIL. The Google credits roll was on point though.

Gravity – maybe it’s because I did not watch it big screen. That will be all.

Les Miserables – now this was an epic musical!

Suits – always about Jessica’s wardrobe. When I grow up, I will dress like her.Jessica wardrobe S04E07

The Bucket List – old movies rock.

Despicable Me 2 – always on point, minions.

Homefront – you can do better than this, Jason Statham.

There Will Be Blood – okay, Daniel Day-Lewis, I don’t know how you won an Oscar with this but I simply did not feel it. Sometimes, old movies do suck.

Revenge – nope. I lost interest. There was a time I watched for the clothes, just like Scandal, but you have to give me more than clothes.

Intelligence – so between trying to remember the chick was Red from Once Upon a Time and the series being cancelled, I actually thought it was awesome.

World War Z – Brad Pitt, you can never go wrong with this guy, no matter how much I don’t like him.

White House Down – for a movie to watch with kids, it was great. Much, much better than Olympus Has Fallen. Sorry, Gerard.

Lone Survivor – double Whoa. Putting the cussing aside, the whole rescue of an American soldier by the Afghan was amazing. Made me Google the story. There are conflicting reports about what really went down but it did go down for real.

Under the Dome – first of all, that opening with the cow being slashed, not cool, Stephen King and company. Other than that, it’s watchable. It drew me in good.

Invictus – I did not know about this part of Mandela’s history. It’s a great movie! Another old movie that rocks.

The Fifth Estate – Just to be clear, I watched this because of Benedict Cumberbatch. I am also a little intrigued by Wikileaks. Other than that, it was an average movie.

The Words – 1. Bradley Cooper. 2. A movie about writing. What else do I need in a movie?

The Fault in Our Stars – the only bad thing about reading a book before watching a movie is that the latter seems inferior in comparison. All the same, the movie still made me cry. And that is all I need from a movie to know its good enough.

I decided to watch old movies towards the end of this year, thanks to my brother’s influence. Needless to say, I will go on with the same trend.

Field of Dreams – WEIRD.

The Hurricane – another true story with conflicting viewpoints. All the same, Denzel was perfect. The story too. Of course I cried.

“…sometimes we don’t pick the books we read, they pick us.”

Good Will Hunting – I wish I could say I loved this one, but I didn’t.

Schindler’s List – now this is what I am talking about! 3 hours of nothing but great history in black and white. All the time I was thinking, man, this guy looks like Liam Neeson. Of course it was him. And it is based on a true story. The all-time heart-wrenching Holocaust. You can never go wrong with Steven Spielberg.

A Few Good Men – well, it was not as good as IMDb made it sound, but it was interesting.

Captain Phillips – I did not watch this in the best position because of work (and to think I was on leave) but I did like it. It’s about and American captain protecting his ship and men from Somali pirates. True story. Thanks to Aviation TV. Psst, Aviation has great movies. Recent movies. Forget your mainstream analogue TV stations who are still airing the same Christmas movies you’ve watched since the 90s. Trust me.

People Like Us – I ignored this movie for the longest time. It’s been on my disk space since campus days. It’s a nice movie. Watch it. I recommended it to someone and he ended up writing a poem. 🙂

The Newsroom – a moment of silence for the fallen giant. I will miss you all, Will, MacKenzie, Jim, Maggie, Sloan, Don, Neal… This was the end of, probably, one of my best TV series in a long time. They always cancel everything I love. Am I weird? You know what, Aaron Sorkin, I am waiting for you to write another epic series. Thanks.

Edge of Tomorrow – well, I love this kind of concepts. Plus Tom Cruise if still fly. Good movie.

Gotham – bro made me watch this. Plus IMDb places it as only one of the two 2014 series that made it to the top 10 TV shows of 2014. So that is what I am watching now. And it’s great alright, even if I don’t even like batman much. That is saying a lot about this series.

I remembered all these movies because of tvtag, formerly Getglue, which is now shutting down. Smh. I also watched Noah (smh), Gone Girl, The Departed (annoying), You May Not Kiss the Bride (silly), Heaven is for Real and some others I probably can’t remember because I do not check into tvtag all the time. But basically that was my 2014 in motion pictures.

The Equalizer is still waiting for me, let me see if I will watch it now. My limbs are sore from running around with my cousins yesterday in Machakos. Man, Machakos be pretty! The “free and super clean” public toilets are what got me. But that is a story for another day. I hope you are having a merry Christmas sweethearts!

What did you watch?

23 thoughts on “What I Watched in 2014

  1. Damn you’re a great blogger. I try to tvtag things but I always forget. Boring app design.

    Now You See Me – total waste of time watching.

    Sherlock – BEST SERIES ON EARTH.

    12 years a slave – cried at the end when he reunites with family.

    Pitch Perfect – music only. No story line.

    The Walking Dead – title alone puts me off. Never watched it. Why do they walk and they’re dead?

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – If you didn’t love this movie I just don’t get you. Totally.

    Modern Family – Whatever this is.

    Once upon a time – Eti they tried to bring all fairy tales into one story. And they’re stuck in time. Pssht. Watched 2 episodes and deleted it.

    Jobs – Not yet.

    The Blacklist – Watched 3 episodes and deleted it. Nkt.

    2 Guns – I remember watching it. I just can’t remember the story.

    Frozen – Whatever. I only love the “some people are worth melting for”

    The Internship – Okay

    Gravity – So I heard it won awards and Googled it up only to realise it is about some people stuck in space or something. Never watched it.

    Les Miserables – Imagine Wolverine singing. Nkt. Watched the 1998 version. Awesome one, the 98 one.

    Suits – I love this series. It is one of the very few series I have managed to follow to season 4. Problem it is changing from legal to romance. I will quit it if they don’t do something. I love being made to think and marvel at quick thoughts and such stuff. Remember season 1 episode 1? Yes. Suits needs that.

    The Bucket List – 9/10

    Despicable Me 2 – Great!

    Homefront – This was a total waste of Jason Statham. And I sat downloading this one thinking it’d be great. I hate this movie.

    There will be blood – Where?

    Revenge – Two girls told me of this series. They said things to do with love and revenge and blah blah blah. I never even tried watching it.

    Intelligence – Full HD complete season 1 was on my laptop. I was about to start watching. As usual, I first Google up the series/movie. Then I realised it had been cancelled. The story ends there. Deleted.

    World War Z – Great acting. But where was the storyline headed to seriously?

    White House Down – “Nani amewatch White House Down?” “Mimi. Nikama to Olympus has fallen!” Long story short. Never bothered.

    Lone Survivor – I should look for this one Shiku. First one I haven’t heard of.

    Under the Dome – I slept 10 mins into Episode 1. Deleted.

    Invictus – Great Movie. Problem is when you put Americans to try and act African. You can somehow notice they’re acting. It doesn’t make you ‘feel’ Nelson Mandela.

    The Fifth Estate – …moving on

    The Words – If you read this comment and you’ve not watched this one get it now.

    The Fault in Our Stars – I paused this one a couple of times and cried like a child. I still rewatch and reread the book like a lunatic.

    Field of Dreams – Number 2 Shiku. Never heard of it.

    The Hurricane – Number 3

    Good Will Hunting – I totally love this one. Go watch more Robin Williams!

    Schindler’s List – What you said.

    A Few Good Men – Number 4

    Captain Phillips – Awards and Nominations and Hype online. Never got to watch it. I love independent films as you may notice.

    People Like Us – I am going to look for this. Number 5

    The Newsroom – I should try again. Found it boring at first.

    Edge of Tomorrow – Nope. Number 6. And I won’t watch it anyway.

    Gotham – I have heard enough of Batman. Infact I just got this one yesterday and I’m not seeing myself watching it.

    There you go great blogger. I watched more than you, I guess.

    1. I never thought I’d meet a better hater until I read your comment. Loosen up man. Lol. What do you watch then if you delete everything you get? Why get it in the first place? Of course you watched more stuff than I did, that’s what campus is all about.

    2. Now this list is just wonderful. I have watched most of what is on your list and share your sentiments with regard to most too.

      I do not need to speak of Sherlock. We both know how I feel about that.
      The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. – Well Sherlock is in it too. Another reason for you.
      Suits – I will just leave this link here http://www2.usanetwork.com/series/suits/features/s2style/#prettyPhoto
      The Bucket List – Watched this while in first year. There is just something about Morgan Freeman movies.

      I will leave it at. And about awesome shows being cancelled, I do not think we are the ones with a problem. We can’t be the ones with a problem.

  2. Hehe this is some fine list. As for me, this year I watched over 100 movies. Trust me, ni ukweli. What I noted about them was that they had very weak plots and endings za kimala mala. But some stood our for me.
    Edge of tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lucy almost made it but they bent more towards Science, Big Hero 6 and all the animations of 2014 apart from Jack and the cuckold-doo heart. It had one kimala mala ending.
    As for series, I’m always keeping it little. But I watched Breaking Bad. Whoa! What?! Up there! Then follow up with Suits, Arrow. Added The Flash, The Scorpions and Constantine. That’s all for me. But movie, I expect more solid storylined scripts out of 2015 movies.

    1. Then there’s this lil list of movies that had some weird emotional depth to them. This I can only watch when there’s a girl hapo cos then sitatoa chozi Hahaha. The fault in our stars and If I stay. Wah! And I enjoyed watching The Words too. Great plot.

      1. You sound like a sci-fi person from your previous list. And I have realized dudes cry over movies too. Awesome! Someone had convinced me that I was weird for doing so!

  3. I am only here because you got it very right with Newsroom…absolutely brilliant banter, witty, great story, perfect casting…gone too soon. Howeverrrr… it has to be said for someone who likes Newsroom liking Once Upon a time is wrong…just wrong. Intelligence does not have the oomph and Under the dome is NOT watchable. Other than that everything you said may not be perfect but it is acceptable.

  4. Hey there Ciku…been ages since I read your blogs…i just decided to start with this one..i don’t know why…awesome review…and Dickson’s just cracked me up….it feels good to know am not the only one who cries while watching movies…;)

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