First Half: The Highlights


It’s over. Poof! June is gone. What have you done with your life? Me? Just here taking stock.

The Wins


Patience pays. Literally. Especially when you work at a startup on steroids. You will take up roles you have never imagined of and end up acing them like you were born for them. So, do not despise a title nani. You just never know where that title is taking you. I can hold a tiny microphone in front of a small crowd and not shiver to pieces. I can meet people I have only talked to online and not be awkward about it. Unless he happens to be a really fly guy who maintains eye contact and you know you’re staring and need to cut the conversation short so that you do not overthink things. I have that weakness. Overthinking everything.

Teriyaki Japan Grilled Chicken

Awesomeness. Plus you meet everyone here. It’s been a while since I recruited someone into the joint. Baby steps.

Crave Kitchen

This is a lovely little café tucked away in the bowels of Kikuyu town. At first I would look at it from afar. Then I decided to walk in, all in the spirit of 2015 adventure. Never looked back since. If you are ever in Kikuyu, check that place out. Or give me a shout, I will buy you one of their interesting dishes.Crave Kitchen -Club Sandwich


I obviously was not going to leave DJ Dolls out of my first half! I should be embarrassed about this, I think, but I can sing the entire 2015 Kikuyu Gospel hits mix without having it on. I am so serious right now, you should see my face.  Also, Needtobreathe’s Live from the Woods rocks. Then of course my man KB. I only mention these few because they are the only albums I proactively searched out and acquired.


I am not losing weight. I am not adding much. Perfect.

Modern Family

S06E16. Epic.

The Almost-Wins

My hair and other stories

Honestly, this hair of mine or what’s left of it has been through fire and brimstone this year. Okay, slight exaggeration. Rain and mistreatment. Right now, I am sporting an actual pixie cut, finally. Only problem is, I missed my hair appointment again during the weekend. So I look like someone who is lost. That’s the thing about me. I don’t care. I could wear the same fades jeans to work every other day and not even feel I need to step up my fashion sense a bit. When I try, I feel weird and stop. So that’s why this is an almost-win because, you know what? I am comfortable. Everyone is comfortable around me. We’re good to go.

Mr Price

Never, ever, ever, buy those cute panties you find at Mr Price. They all go for lunch. End of story. Most of the other things are alright I guess. Real end of story.

The Epic Fails


I write about them all the time because that’s mostly where I find inspiration nowadays. Even when they stall on that hill near Nyumbani Children’s Home. Or when they pack us like sacks of potatoes or hang on to your change for the entire journey. Or when the window does not close the whole 15 minutes or you sit next to a woman who is endowed with sitting apparatus. Or when a kange overcharges you like you go to work together. Boss, tusizoeane. Kumi ni yangu si yako.


So, this officially marks the end of my loyalty to KCB Bank Group. I remember someone wondering why they call themselves that in the first place. Notice the repetition? I understand these things happen and they hold on to your cash for days but I honestly can’t stand the little inconveniences they’ve been taking me through. So one Sunday morning I go to the ATM as usual to take out my pocket money for the week. Same drill.

Insert card.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Please wait while your transaction is processing.

Flapping noise.


Card pops out.

I wait.

Did I miss something while I was staring into the CCTV camera? I wait for robotic chick to thank me for banking with them. Nothing. She has hurt my feelings, officially.

I freak out. First thing I do. Tweet them. And they are very fast to respond. They lie to me. That it will take a day to get the refund. So every time I remember for the past one week, I have wasted a 5 bob checking my balance. I have been told I will be contacted when the matter is resolved. It would have made sense to tell me it would take weeks in the first place. Did I mention that little Pepea card they have been shoving down our throats? Until recently, I could make purchases on Amazon (the only two purchases I have made, lol) without any hitches, then suddenly, one Sunday, I cannot buy a book. No error, no explanation. Immediately I think it must be a problem with Amazon, so I contact them. Then they advise me to check with my bank. After kuzungushwa by them KCB people-with-initials-for-names for two days, ndio they finally proclaim that I cannot use my card on a website that does not ask for that security number at the back of the card. And I’m there like, eeerr, did I miss a memo you sent that let us know that? Instead of sending me texts wishing me a happy Madaraka Day, shouldn’t you have sent that instead? Anyway, I am yet to get my Pepea card or enrol for Internet banking or nag them to refund my lost money. I just need a vacation.

Kenyan Internet

Be it Airtel, Safaricom or Orange, they all suck. At least they do at our house. Unless you are near a window or balcony. Did I mention that we have the worst Faiba connection at the office? I gave up on doing anything other than basic loading of pages. Downloads are left to Safaricom night bundles on weekends. Even posting this took one hour to do. Sigh.

Secrets and Lies

I won’t tell you to watch it. I won’t tell you I didn’t like watching it. I won’t tell you I slept late on a Sunday night because of it. All I know is that it was an epic fail and I want to see what other story comes from S02.

The Unclassified

For one reason or another, first half left me single. Story of my life. Story for another day. I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s give it time. 🙂 In the meantime, to more weddings!

Yet to pursue my driving for real. Second half, let’s do this!

12 thoughts on “First Half: The Highlights

  1. Nice.. I want to comment on each category but this is your blog post so I will save my thoughts for our later catch up sessions.

  2. I am here for the KCB. I also noticed the KCB bank Group redundancy. I think it’s their MO. To repeat the same thing over and over in hopes that somewhere along the way the issue will sort itself out or you’ll just give up. They messed me up so bad that 6 months down the line, I’m still not settled enough to blog about them objectively. I want to say that they are the worst bank in Kenya, but a friend tells me that Cooperative Bank is still registered. It must be a green thing.

    1. Hahaha! Hater. So what bank did you move to? Just blog. They sorted my issues out after this so I’m not complaining.

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