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This Is Mostly Pictures - Thoughts and Stuff

This Is Mostly Pictures


First of all, calm down. I am here. Still.

Second of all, here is why I have been away for forever. It involves Malindi, Kibera and meetings. In other words the startup on some serious adrenaline is still at it. We’re still at it. 

Third of all, withdrawal symptoms include a swollen lymphatic glands from falling while running down a dune, mosquito bites that showed up when I got to Kikuyu (the irony), sleep deprivation that led to my waking up at 0717 hrs today but still got to work on time and, as always, bad hair.

Lastly, if you think Obama is not going to show up herein, think again. Sorry if you thought this was the breath of fresh air you needed from the Obamamania. I feel you. I really do.

Oh yes, Google+ is still up there with the stars. Courtesy of it, I decided I was going to actually kinda blog about this. Here we are. Here you go. Let your fingers do the walking ↓ 

Consider your regular dose of thoughts and stuff served. Get busy people. It’s going to be a looooooong weekend.

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