Weekly Whatnots: Rest Edition


I am in bed. At 9:58 am. On a Tuesday. GRINS.

I might as well revive this weekly whatnots post.

No more headaches. The water works. Can you believe that? Best believe. All my theories were wrong. Yeah, sometimes I get a headache like once a week, but it’s the normal kind, if you know what I mean.

I am taking driving lessons now. Best instructor. I just can’t understand the steering bit yet. Seriously. The fear is gone though. Baby steps. Uber drivers can be the sweetest folk. I have had to meet one everyday last week because there is no other way of getting to Westlands from Karen on time at 5. Driving school is in Westlands. Ngong Road is a parking lot most times. So I make the drivers use the Southern Bypass and then down to Waiyaki Way. Costs an arm and a leg, but hey, girl’s got to do what a girl’s go to do. Plus, I don’t break promises to myself and y’all. We said we were going to drive in 2015. Beating a deadline is good enough. Lol.

Bush has really changed. Got to hang out with a few 4 Wians this Sunday as we paid a visit to our classteacher. You learn a lot just sitting down with ladies who were just girls the last time you were together. You learn that they read your blog. 😀 You learn that your teacher does too. You learn that singleness is afflicting many empowered ladies. LOL. I say afflicted like singleness is a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong. I just like the sound of it in that sentence. Also, just in case you are wondering why they have been so many ladies blogging about singleness up in here, wonder no more. It’s all our fault. You the men and yes, you the women. Story for another day.

You learn that apparently you look lighter and more grown up. Haha! Aki these girls. Who says that to someone? Ati “Carol you look more grown up”. Oh, and yeah! You learn that this self re-branding thing is bound to confuse people who knew you are Carol Ngigi the whole time you were together. Another story for another day. Also, people, I am not dating and have never dated B. I just had to say it. Acheni ufala.

I don’t really have anything to blog about currently. I just needed to tell you what’s up. So I have actually blogged. Hopefully I blog more now that I have the time!

You know where to find me. 😉

You didn't think I was going to leave her out, did you? She's pregnant! Yay!
You didn’t think I was going to leave her out, did you? She’s pregnant! Yay!

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