How Are You?

Good? You know how it is. The cold. The Twitter dramas. The quest for truth.

Sometimes you wonder why you are doing what you’re doing. You wear very many hats at work. Very many. Too many.Sometimes you almost fall into the trap of comparison. You want to compare yourself with others who look like they do nothing all day. But then you look back a year and realize you have grown immensely. You can look people in the eye when you talk. People think you know a lot about certain things and look to you for help. Even when you think you don’t really know anything. Then when you sit with them and talk about something you thought everyone knew, you realise you’ve been sitting on a mine! Not a land mine of course, but the Turkana kinda thing. A gold mine.

Sometimes you feel drained. Too much is happening. Too many tabs. Too many changes. Too many requests. Too many responsibilities. Impostor syndrome visits you. People believe in you more than you believe in yourself. And that’s a good thing, lest your head burst into a thousand pieces in pride. You take a breather every once in awhile, Smriti Vidyardhi style. You’re not Superman. Even he has kryptonite. You let that green button disappear from that Facebook page. That Green button that you’ve worked so smartly to ensure that it’s always on. People should know that it’s okay not to get instant replies. You’re human and you sleep. You ignore an email for days. You also deserve to rest. You leave your blog for a while. People need to discover other blogs. Just kidding. 😉
Very Responsive
You take it slow. You think about the future more, but not in the will-I-ever-get-married kinda way. Worrying is for the un-birdlike. Leo ni mimi na kutunga maneno, na hakuna kile mtado. You take risks. You listen more. You forgot what it was like to spend hours on end scrolling down news feeds every ten minutes. You’ve even given friends the liberty to change your Facebook and the like passwords and keep them. Lol. If self control won’t help you then friends will! You get disappointed when people do not keep their end of the bargain. But you move on. Far away from them if possible. Some kind of company is toxic.

You’re building your EQ nowadays. Emotional Quotient. They say it can take you far. Forget IQ. That will only get you so far if that’s all you have. And then there’s PQ. Personal Quotient. If all you do is driven toward material things. If all you think of is being the CEO of a big company with 1 wife, 2 kids, 3 bedroom house, 4 wheel drive, 5 days a week and a 6 figure salary, then my friend umekuwa misplaced get back on course. Find a higher purpose.

Does a three-legged stool wobble? (You can answer this in the comment section below. Then we’ll see where we’re all coming from.)

Last paragraph paraphrased and rearranged from Bob Collymore’s speech at an undisclosed location.

“my friend umekuwa misplaced get back on course” borrowed from Mr Googz – Gospel Celebrity