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Forever and a Day - Thoughts and Stuff

Forever and a Day


By Anonymous

Imagine me, letting you and all that you mean to me go away. Disappear. Done. Finished.
Can YOU imagine it? I cannot.
I am unable to let the possibility of us go away.
I am always hoping, searching, reaching, trying for forever and a day.

You’ve said it more than once, “I’m done. I’m not man enough for you”.
Yet here I am, waiting, wanting, hoping that you’ll see that you are more than man enough for me.
Imagine seeming deaf when you can literally hear, imagine seeming blind when you can literally see
Imagine tripping over and over again, yet somehow crawling for forever and a day.

When. When will I ever learn to accept that you simply don’t want me?
That you don’t love me? That you’re using my private inhibitions to limit me.
From being me, from seeing beyond you.
From stepping into forever and a day.

Sitting on this cold floor, crying for the thousandth time.
Praying that the good Lord shall give me the strength I need to finally move on.
That I shall realize that two years of heartache and pain, need to come to an end.
As the sun rises so shall it set, and maybe tomorrow, it shall rise with the hope of forever and a day.

2 thoughts on “Forever and a Day

    1. Nah. An anonymous original. And no, anonymous is not me. Not too sure why she hides though, she’s good. 🙂

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