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It's the Small Things - Thoughts and Stuff

It’s the Small Things


First of all, I am, still, very single. I just did not feel like October warranted an entry in the Diary of a Single Girl. Accept my sincere apologies. Not. 😀

Now, onto the business of the day. What have I learnt this past week? A lot, but I will not number them today. I will also keep it short, we all have things to do.

I will start with the most recent. I discovered TAG today, thanks to Apple Music recommendations, again. I couldn’t stop playing Let My People Go. Good music from a barely known artist.


There is something called infobesity, maybe you suffer from it. I know I did at some point, not so much now but it may still apply.

Colouring is fun. I have been doing it the past few days with my sister, for my Sunday school kids. I think I will be doing this more often. It makes you remember how much colours would fascinate you as a kid. Nowadays, if you ask me what colour something is, I will probably struggle. Mauve? What in the world is mauve? Red + blue is purple, right? At least Art and Craft was useful, unless some other subjects we will not mention here.


We keep a lot of stuff in our houses for no real reason. Clothes you don’t wear, some even brand new. Give them out to people who need them. You will help someone who actually loves them and at the same time you will be keeping things that actually help you. That tight pair of jeans that you discovered was a pipe once you got into the house. Yes, this happens to men, ladies. I have brothers. The skirt you cannot wear because you don’t have the hips for it but still insisted. 😀

Be nice to people who might not be nice at first glance, even if they are rude and upset about your product or company not meeting their expectations When you fix the issue, they will thank you and be nice. Sometimes, you help people who reached out, for free, and something real good happens to them. They will totally remember you, even if you didn’t do it expecting something in return.

Think of all the hours you might waste on weekends watching stuff. If you take time to meet someone, listen to them and offer your two pence, it might go a long way in furthering their course. Related: It feels great to catch up with friends you have not talked to in a while. You learn a ton in the process. You learn things about being a lawyer that you didn’t know. You hear about weddings and wedding committees without even having to agonize over pictures on a News Feed. You learn the real story behind the pictures.

The top commenter on this blog started writing. I am so proud of you Hannah. Go check out her Medium blog. She is a great woman in tech. Na haringi.

I can still watch a horror movie and sleep after that. Even if I am not in a high school hall surrounded by fellow girls screaming like crazy over the booming and sudden turn of events. I am talking about Don’t Breathe. It’s not even that messed up.

When you don’t feel like waking up in the morning, then you remember how much time you ‘create’ from waking up on time and getting your brain active by running, you just wake up. You even end up influencing a colleague to start running too! \o/

Even a very disciplined cat can be straight up annoying. You will take steps to get rid of her fleas, she will yank the useful thing out when you are away. You will throw out the rat she brings into the house, she will go feast on it after playing around with it for hours, then while you are seated minding your own business, she will come sit on your lap as usual. You love when she does that. Then she will start making strange noises. Then she will get up and puke behind the sofa. Argh. I still love you, puss, sleeping on my lap right now.


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