Anyone here?

It’s official; I know how it feels to forget you have a blog you need to keep updated. But now that it’s the holidays, I am back to make up for all of that. I will be talking about random things to wrap up the year. I will tell you all about the lessons I have learnt in 2016. I might document my cat’s past one year. I may end up telling you about the books I read. Maybe about my job. Perhaps about my singleness, again. I know you like that one. I am going to preach here and there. I am going to do this in the next week, and if I don’t, you can hold me accountable.

Brace yourselves.

[su_quote]Today’s titbit: The wise men were among many astrologers in their land, people who could “read” the stars and predict certain events, but only they knew that that particular star led to the baby. Wisdom was not enough. Divine intervention was the extra ingredient.[/su_quote]

Happy Holidays!
Courtesy of Sony AR Effect. 😀

Merry Christmas dear ones!

(Yeah, I popped up into your feed just to do that. Muhahaha! I am pumped.)