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What's in My Bag? (2017) - Thoughts and Stuff

What’s in My Bag? (2017)


So, a few minutes ago I was lying in bed, stalking someone I bumped into on the streets of Nairobi today. Stalking them online. I have a reputation for that. Eventually I landed on my blog and thought I’d read some old posts. Then I started editing some typos from months back. Then I ended up on my ‘What’s in My Bag’ post from 2016. And then I asked myself, what excuse do I have for not writing a 2017 version? After all, I think showing what’s in my bag this year might lead me to tell you all something I should have told you if I was writing as expected. So here we go.

What’s in my kiondo this year? Already that tells you that I have upgraded to a kiondo. 😀 I have never given kiondos much thought until my colleague started showing some around the office. I thought, why not sport one for a change? And I got myself one. Ita’s all pretty and super girly. I guess I will not be waiting for my wedding to get one from my mum and cucus.


This is my tiny work laptop. I love how well it fits in and I can literally go anywhere with it and whip it out for an emergency. It’s protected by a case from every other dangerous component in my bag. Sometimes, when I am alone out there and feel I need to work, it is the perfect companion.

Difference this year: It is very essential to get a bag that fits my laptop, otherwise that simply becomes a church or I-am-wearing-a-dress-with-no-pockets-today bag.


Today there is a headband in here simply because I had been forced to ditch my signature style for two weeks in favour of some strange do that everyone was surprised about. If you have bumped into me the past one year, you know I have this finger curl thing going on with my hair. Some people mistake them for dreads. Whatever people think they are, I have grown to like them and so has everyone. But because of the recent events that had brought Kenya to a slow crawl for about a week, I missed my hair appointment. So I washed my hair and had it blow dried. Two things, I was ecstatic my hair was actually that long. But, I hated combing it every morning. The headband was to make it look a bit presentable today before I got back to my awesome finger curls.

Difference this year: My hair is longer, but I am not going back to plaiting ever. Mark my words.

Book – The Underground Railroad

Now the story behind how this is in my bag is long. I bought it months and months ago. As usual, I tend to read many books at once and depending on my mood, they could be one specific one that tickles my fancy suddenly. For instance, on May 14th, I bought The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart: The laugh-out-loud love story of the year! on Kindle. I can’t remember why I did. I jumped right on it and thought it was funny read, but then along the way I got tired and jumped on yet another. I went back to finish another Kindle book I had bought before, Stephen King’s The Green Mile. This is sweetly fantastical. Still in that same period, I stumbled upon the Thirteen Reasons Why after the hype and I immediately got the book. I read that one in one Saturday in June. This one is a tad messed up. And in that same month, I got Us, after a friend recommended it. This one I am yet to finish but it’s funny. I only finished the bucket list one today. It is a pure delight at the end. I teared up at the end while reading it on the way back home. Let’s not forget that I fell in love with audiobooks in July and listened to Paula Hawkin’s Into the Water for about two weeks. I think it is almost as good as Girl on the Train.

I last read The Underground Railroad on the voting queue at Rungiri Secondary School, but the conversations popping up around me every now and then turned out to be sweeter than the book and I gave up and joined in the muchene. So I am currently on three books actively. Now tell me how my reading habits make sense. Lol.

Difference this year: Audiobooks are awesome if you pick the right book with the right narrators. I had initially thought I would be listening to robotic voices like on Google Now.

Earphones and USB cable

Well, these are the usual culprits. Only that I rarely use earphones unless for work calls. Music, when I get to it, is almost always on the awesomeness that is JBL.

Difference this year: We grow old. Somehow I just stopped using earphones everywhere. Even in the voting queue, I just could not. And lose out on all the juicy convo around?!


This is as before. Only there is an extra one because nowadays, I prefer bags with no pockets.


This is because I was in CBD today and I had to stock up on movies. It has been a minute since I watched a good one. This old age though. I think the last good movie that I watched is… I can’t remember. Not sure what I do with my free time nowadays. Let’s wait and see how many months it will take to watch these six movies.


Ahem. To open the many doors in my life. Lol.

Stay Matte Liquid Colour – Midnight.

This is lipstick (for the men in the building). It is awesome. I cannot get enough of it. Thank you, T.

In addition to this, you will find Flormar Lipstick – Bordeaux. I love this one too. Those not in here, I don’t love that much. There is Sleek and Pauline.

Difference this year: I have clearly been super adventurous since taking a dip into this lipstick world.

The rest are details. Notebook(s). Notes, Coins. Cards. Earrings (Don’t know why I bother when anything bigger than my studs tires the hell out of me and ends up in my bag halfway through the day.)

I might write a lot more now. I think I have opened a new chapter in my life. Story for another day. This time I am for real. I know better than to string everyone along only disappoint in the long run. Goodnight my peoples!

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