The month with days that change in number which brings questions to my head. But that is besides the point. Some call it the month of love. What is love? Just a four-letter word? Love is a lot of things to a lot of people. I might even say it is a relative term. One thing that is certain is that it’s existence is known when it is shown. It is definitely not just a four-letter word.

It is argued that there are different kinds of love mainly the divine, brotherly and erotic love. Nevertheless, the 14th of this month will focus on one, the romantic love. Then there is the issue of this love being true or false. How do you know when you have found true love? Recently, I was involved in a relationship where there was love. Or I think there was. I have this conviction that I was thinking with my heart. Currently I more into the thinking-with-my-head kind, like I am supposed to. Without a doubt, whatever I experienced then was conditional. The conditions disappeared and I took a walk. That cannot be true love. Truth is never relative.

Somehow, everyone seems to fear the very idea of being alone. The search for a soulmate never stops. Everyday, a relationship is formed. The other day, I heard of relationboats. What they are beats me. February brings about excitement among couples. Maybe even anxiety. The singles are either sad or pretending not to care. Pretty soon, it will be back to normal.

Whatever love is, I hope I will find out and find it. No matter what, love is precious.

Enjoy February and it’s connotations!
Happy Valentines!

1 Corinthians 13:1-8

Who, being loved is poor? ~ Oscar Wilde

3 thoughts on “February

  1. Love is an illusion….no one in this world of ours can explain it.Everyone tries to explain it but no single person can claim to conclusively having said what it is.
    considering the human being have 3 faculties.Love can only be experienced by those who have developed their emotive faculty meaning that they have suppressed their rational faculty.


  2. a society is a man writ large ………….a man has 3 most important part those who develop emotive part can love,react emotionally,cry and are carried away by men feeling…………..those r the people who can explain what love is.
    so i don’t know whether that was what u were experiencing.
    experiencing these dose not amount to weakness but letting out your emotions.

    hope that explanis

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