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That Feeling I Get in the Morning - Thoughts and Stuff

That Feeling I Get in the Morning


I do not get it every morning, only those in which I get up early which, nowadays, is every morning. My early may not be your early, we are engineered differently anyway. My definition of early is any time before 8 o’clock. That time when the sun looks like an orange ball and the cold is biting away every bit of my skin not covered. I know for some people, this is very late.

The feeling is so bad that at that moment the alarm goes off, a million negative thoughts flood my head. I feel like crying and dying at the same time. (Never mind that I should feel the complete opposite for waking up without any medical condition). It is so bad that I do not open my mouth for about an hour after I wake up. I would not dare to anyway, I sound like a broken record when I talk. (That should serve as a warning to anyone who has or plans to call me anytime between one and eight a.m.)

At that particular moment, I like to think of myself as undergoing a booting process just like a computer. The process has to occur just right or my day will turn out nasty.

There are those times I wake up in installments, literally. That is mostly in campus where life is a bit easy. The first installment is dedicated to heating up some water for my bath. While it heats up, I get back to sleep. After the 15 shortest minutes of the entire day, I wake up and check on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. This particular installment works wonders in waking me up fully.

The booting process is complete when I shower, pray and take breakfast. I am like a totally different person afterwards.

The good thing is, the feeling eventually disappears, so much so that I am never in a hurry to get back to bed when it is time. When my brain is completely awake, it figures out that I need to wake up and experience the day’s pleasures and struggles to be a better me. And of course meet new people!

Thus in the long run, the feeling I get in the morning will remain just that, a feeling.

2 thoughts on “That Feeling I Get in the Morning

  1. They say that if you wake in the morning and you experience extreme joy, the highest possibility is that something nasty has happened.

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