Mother dear


(This was supposed to be published a while back but somehow I’m doing it now)

Right now, am seated on a couch in the dark because KPLC has, once again, decided that tonight will be a candle-lit night. (And the company has, yet again, appeared on my blog! And it is just my 5th post! Damn, the company is such a part of my life) Oh well, before the battery runs out, I have 45 minutes. So am back for the long holidays. A whole sophomore year closed. I am aging alright. The white hair that people are so careful to point out is evidence. Apparently I got the genes from my dad’s side since mum got her first gray hair when she was heavy with my kid brother.

Now mum is asking what I am writing. For some reason I cannot answer her because she will not understand. My silence has made her start a conversation about how i claim she bores me and how they both hope my kids will not say that to me. Ha!

Fine. I have told her. My mum is awesome. It is just my rebellious nature that tells me to do some things. Ati now I should set my alarm clock for 6.00 o’clock because I need to be up for an interview. She has set it up. Mum is just sweet.

A certain Kikuyu artiste sang that his mum was his second god and he would never insult her. In Kikuyu language, mum is ‘maitu’ which, when separated ‘ma’ ‘itu’, is ‘our truth’. That tells you a lot. My mum is that and much more. I might say she is always on my case when I do wrong, but that is why she is there.

(Yaayy! The lights are back! Where’s that charger?)

I should get out of here and sleep now. I know my holiday is going to be awesome. Here at home, I scream so much everyone complains. I like thinking of myself as having a multi-personality disorder. Around other people am totally different. Anyway, this was not about me.

I love my mum and I have this feeling I will turn out to be an exact copy of her when I get my own kids, uptight and all. I turned ok thanks to her and dad. That should be something to go by. Let’s wait and see.

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