What I Want

First of all, I want to update my blog. So that is exactly what I will do. It has been long since I did anyway. And since that is all I want to do, I also want to be brief. Here goes.

It is freezing. On top of that, it is raining. That is your typical Eldoret weather around this time of year. Almost every afternoon. If you live here long enough you acquire the basic survival mechanism of working your way out of the rain’s trap. If you had laundry to do, you attend to it at a calculated point in time such that by the time the rain descends, your clothes are clean and dry. You get to know when to carry an umbrella and when to wear shoes that will combat the mud mano-a-mano.

Shiku Ngigi

When it rains we complain. When it is too hot, we complain. That then begs the question, what is it that we want. The same thing happens, say, when we open school and classes take forever to start. Then immediately they start, we can’t wait for them to be over. Human beings! That is what is happening now. I am having a ball because our lecturer could not make it this afternoon. Yet I was the same one complaining when we spent weeks bumming around in July.

I guess we can never be too sure what we want. Someone once said, be careful what you wish for, because it might come true.

Do you know what you want right now? Do you know what you want in the future? Are you willing to deal with the consequences when you get it?

I know what I want right now. Something warm to either ingest or wrap myself around. What do I want later? We’ll see.