The Library…In My Head


I am in the library. Why? I have a number of reasons.

One, I felt it would give me a sense of achievement to walk up to this place from the comfort of my room and do some substantial studying in a studious environment. Could I have done the same or even more back in that room? Only God knows.

Two, I sort of hoped my spot on the first floor would not be taken. That is where I access my school’s Wi-Fi Internet for hours. Unfortunately it was taken. I should admit that this should be reason number one.

Three, a seat in the Margaret Thatcher library is much more comfortable than a bed. The latter is intended for reclined bodies anyway. I am actually having an expected backache.

Four, I have a feeling Margaret Thatcher facilitated the building of this place for me to come to two decades later.

Five, I just had to take a walk. I felt I needed to be in a quiet place for just a few minutes.

Six, I miss seeing people around me sometimes. Just sometimes.

Seven, I need to finish my assignment before the usual last minute. It is due on Thursday.

Eight, I refused to take a job because I insisted I had something more pressing to attend to. This had to be it. I had to make that refusal valid to myself if not to anybody else.

Nine, I needed to think. It has led me to write this. That is how I confirm I have thought of something weighty.

Ten, I bumped into a classmate with some humongous books he had borrowed from this place and I thought to myself, ‘Carol, you need to do something similar!’

Eleven, Margaret Thatcher Library gives me some sort of hope, false or otherwise, that there is hope for this country. There is no way such a magnificent building was built in vain. I know half the student population might not even know how the insides of it looks like.

I might even think that all these students who have taken up most of the sitting space (because exams are in two weeks) are here for genuine reasons; to develop their intellectual capabilities with the end intent of building the country.

Needless to say, the graffiti staring at me right now on the wooden partition between me and the student on the other side tends to drive that hope away. You will not believe the kind of thoughts that students generate while they are studying! There are phone numbers for those who are ‘hawking’ some services I cannot even begin to describe here.

This brings me to why I do not come to the library often in the first place. Of late, you cannot even get in with your laptop bag. Basically, you end up looking completely unintelligent walking around with a laptop, its charger and books falling from your tiny hands while you try to locate a strategic spot that tickles your fancy. Ok, not all of us have tiny hands so I am speaking for people with my physical build.

Then there those ones who will not look at their books when you walk past, almost like they came to the library to watch people walking around. That really places the shy people, read Carol, in an awkward position.

How can I forget the loud ringtones and equally loud and shameless voices confidently talking back to the person on the other end? The conversation could be as pointless as hoping the sun will not set until I finish my assignment but it does not matter because the student will go on anyway, until the caller ends the call. And yeah, you can make out the whole conversation when the phone speaker is loud enough.

I think I will walk out now.

6 thoughts on “The Library…In My Head

  1. I’d never find reason to get into that big building, my spot in B 08 is way too conducive. I know I’m part of the half you mentioned.I’d never find reason to get into that big building, my spot in B 08 is way too conducive. I know I’m part of the half you mentioned.

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