Diary Entry


(Too bad I abandoned my diary for this place. Here goes…)

I am trying really hard to love a place, to go about my day without complaining but a myriad of things get in the way.

I wake up, the doors are all locked except the main one, for a week now.

I walk out after circling the entire floor to go to class, but the lecturer does not show up yet exams are due in slightly over a month. We have not begun the unit.

I decide to go to the library and while away time, but the bell rings at 5. 5! Are these people kidding me?

I walk out to go make something for my tummy, but the mama mbogas are nowhere in sight, again, for a week. Awesome.

I want my engineering friend to come say hi, but he can’t, he’s at home, because some people somewhere cannot make a simple decision. And he has been stuck here for five years looking forward to the day, he clears his campus education. Now he might not even graduate this year now that the national calendar is also messed up, elections in March and all. Perfect.

I am seated in my room because there is nowhere to go. Some friends come by; put a smile on my face.

I need to use the washroom. But there are no functioning light bulbs there, since last semester. Oh well, I go up the stairs to the other lit ones. At least they are there.

As I lay my head on my pillow, I will not complain or curse, I will just hope that one day, I will be in a position to change this place. After all, it is not that bad. I will still get an education and become a better person regardless.

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