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I Know He Likes Me - Thoughts and Stuff

I Know He Likes Me


Yes, I do. I know he likes me because he says so. He said it from the start and he still insists he does. He likes me.

But then again a lot people say a lot of things that they do not mean. Maybe he just said it to see my reaction; to test whether I liked him too. Either way, I cannot be too sure.

I know he likes me because he acts like he does. He calls and texts every day. He wants to know how I spent my day and listens to me. I find myself telling him so many things that I do not tell other people. But then again, not everyone who calls and texts likes me that way. (What does that even mean, liking me that way?) So again, I may be mistaken.

Indeed, there are times he does and says things that make me think he does not really like me. Like we are in a competition of some sort, to see who defeats the ego first.

He likes me. I know he likes me because I like him too. How in the world is that proof that he likes me? Chemistry I guess. But maybe I just like him because he told me he liked me.

Would I have liked him if he did not like me first? I do not know. I choose not to dwell on what ifs.

He asked me out. That means he likes me, right? What does it mean to like someone anyway? Is it the new relationship proposal line? Essentially, you like your colleague, your neighbour and many other people you interact with. So why should it matter that a guy told me he liked me?

When I think about it, maybe I read it all wrong. Liking me is just that, liking me. I do not know who told me it means something more. All my friends are so because they like me and I them. Just because he said he likes me does not mean he wants to be my significant other, right?

Just because he texts and calls does not mean he likes likes me. Maybe he just wants to be my friend. I have a lot of friends like that.

So yes, I may sound unsure of his feelings but he does like me. He likes me in one way or another. The question is what does his liking me mean? I guess I will soon found out.

Bottom line is, he likes me and I him. I am sure of it.

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