Depending on how old you are or where you are right now, the word space may mean different things. If you are in high school, you probably thought of the principle ‘Matter is anything that occupies space and has weight’.

If cosmology is your cup of tea, you probably had a flashback of Neil Armstrong (RIP) landing on the moon. If I was younger, I’d probably think that too. There’s a period in life when space was the most amazing concept there was, mostly because movies made me feel so. Think Armageddon, Independence Day and the like.

If you are in a relationship or once were, your partner may probably have told you he or she needs space. Or you were the one saying it.

Or maybe you stopped talking to someone ages ago in the name of giving them space. This post is advice to me as much as it is to anyone else.

One of the most selfish concepts I hang on to every now and then is ‘me time’. For someone who goes about her day doing things that will mostly benefit herself, there’s nothing more selfish than having a ‘me time’. In essence, 90% of my time is me time.

There’s time alone, then there’s me time. Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. But that was right after, say, feeding thousands of people and just before healing those who ailed. There is nothing wrong with time for yourself. If it makes you a better person to serve others.

Sometimes I get so consumed with doing things for myself that anyone else who moves in feels like they are invading my space. The next time someone, anyone, my mum, brother, friend is all up in my space, I will stop. Stop and summon up sense into the space that is my brain.

A space implies emptiness. I am pretty certain that my brain is not an empty space though, neither is yours. It is filled with the capability to think and spacious enough to accommodate more edifying matter. I want to believe none of us is spaced out.

We all need space; space to grow and flourish. we need to give each other space too. But when we misuse the concept, it gets old. (It’s probably why MySpace did not last long as a force to reckon with. The Afters have this song where this guy tells this girl that maybe they could make it ‘ourspace’ someday. And it is based on a true story. Sweet, isn’t it? That’s enough of the dreamy me.)

I have a friend or two I gave space, not because they asked but because I thought I was wise enough to know they needed it. Yeah right, I was just too proud to feel like I was insisting on a friendship.

I have others who did one excusable wrong to me and I decided they had to work extra hard to redeem themselves. Meanwhile, I went back to my space and waited. And who’s losing now? Me. It’s no use pointing fingers. No use being overly proud. No use. Seventy times seven. Like Tenth Avenue North puts it, it does not matter whether they are sorry or not. You are the one losing if you don’t forgive.

Justified freely by His grace. Watch this space.

Luke 5:16, Matthew 18:21-22

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