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Are you Bored? - Thoughts and Stuff

Are you Bored?


Good, I am too. You will not get any help here so, move along. This is what you get when you put Shiku in a boring lecture; a weak attempt at poetry. You have been warned.

8.30 a.m. This man is beyond boring.
My thoughts begin to wander all over,
wondering when this torture will end.
My eyes take a trip round the lecture theatre.
From my sitting position, I literally have a bird’s eye-view,
Of everyone and everything.
How am I the only one who is bored?
Everyone else’s eyes is glued to the guy at the front.
Even laughing at what, in my humble opinion, are dry jokes.

This month’s resolution was to keep my phone away during lectures,
Quite a task it’s proving to be if I might add.
During previous academic years, my phone was my saviour.
Twitter, Facebook, texting, email, name it; my lectures were full of activity.
Google was always the assistant lecturer,
Always coming through for me when the lecturer could not.
No wonder I used to doze off half the time during lessons in high school.
I had no phone.
Pretty soon, I may decide to pull out my phone again,
The tiny awesome thing to Shiku’s rescue!

I look up, and yes, he is still talking.
I am sure he is talking about the same thing he was talking about 30 minutes ago.
I should have taken breakfast then I’d probably be yawning less.
The bored yawn would still be there though.
Now that I think about it, maybe my phone is not my only redemption.
I could decide what hairstyle I am going to sport next,
Just by looking at my classmates’ heads.
Let’s see…

9.04 a.m. Maybe I have ADHD,
Or I just said that because it sounds cool.
I shut my notebook.
It has a map of Africa on the back cover.
Yaayy! My second redemption!
Time to refresh my memory of African capital cities.
Ouagadougou, Yamoussoukro, Nouakchott…
You got to love these names.
Now I am a little less bored.

9.50 a.m. He finally yields to the silent pressure,
And turns on the Powerpoint presentation.
Turns out I was not the only bored one,
The rest just know how to cover it up real well.
Now I can use the projected slides to ‘entertain’ myself
All the same, writing never disappoints.
It is my cover, my only real redemption from boredom.
Lost in my own little world where I am uninterrupted.
The drone is still on, I still have two hours to go before the lecture ends
But I know you are still here, dear ol’ notebook.
I will be back. Eventually.

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