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It is that serious! - Thoughts and Stuff

It is that serious!


Yes, you read that right. I did not say ‘it is never that serious’. You want to know why? Because it IS that serious!

Frankly, I think this ‘it is never that serious’ statement is the most misused in recent times. Most of the time, I find it online. That moment when someone cracks a joke (which may very well be the exact opposite of a joke) and gets all defensive with this tired statement. Or someone insults you then unleashes the statement, just to make it better, like texting ‘lol’ or ‘J” at the end of a text.

You know what the problem is, someone along the way came and taught us to think that serious is a negative word of sorts. If something is serious, it is bad. If you take something seriously, you are uptight. Like that quote that goes like ‘Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive’. So is life one big joke?

Why do you feel the need to tell me it is never that serious? Is it because you actually know that it is and are also trying to convince yourself that it is not? If it was not that serious, I’d probably gather that fast enough and not wait for your cue to know it is not serious.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Yeah right. I bet that is why it is a nursery rhyme, lamest cliché ever.

The next time you tell someone that it is never that serious, ask yourself why you spend hours on end on jokes. Why your bundles run out spreading the never serious talk; and how serious it is that all your time goes into masking seriousness until it is too late to salvage the lost time.

Then will it become serious.

It is that serious.

5 thoughts on “It is that serious!

  1. My Ex used to say “Its never that serious” even when i wanted us to sit down and talk about some pretty serious matters in our relationship.I agree,its a bad mentality people are developing,most of the people who use that statement always try to downplay the gravity of a situation or assume the extent to which a matter should be handled and thats dangerous for any form of friendship or relationship with people

  2. I’m sorry but this is not quid pro quo, because in this case we need to take this as this and that as that. When someone says it isn’t that serious, he/she might actually mean that it is not actually that serious, and not trying to put on a facade on their feelings or general personality. The frequency in which this phrase has been used in dire situations cannot be used as an argument against it, just because people need to reassure themselves that all is well from time to time cannot be a mitigation factor. Its gravity stands almost as heavy as the statement itself. Sometimes life isn’t that serious

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