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Things to Do Before You Leave Moi University - Thoughts and Stuff

Things to Do Before You Leave Moi University


We all have bucket lists. At least I believe we all do; that list of things to do before you die. More so, we have bucket lists tailored to our attendance of an institution of higher learning. I write to the seniors especially, because you are seated there watching the months become days and still dilly-dallying on following through on a promise you made to yourself about your mission in campus. No matter how disillusioned you are about this university with a difference, leave it in style. Leave a mark.

The following are suggestions slightly skewed to introverts like myself who have probably spent their four or five years cooped up in their rooms, watching movies or studying. All the same, it is even better if you are a freshman, the more years you have to spice up the otherwise dull life in Moi University.

  1. Join a club you have always wanted to join, not for the certificate, not for the passage of time but for the feeding of your passion. Are you always criticizing everything that is Moi and not doing anything about it? It is your time. Do you think you can write better articles than the ones you see on walls (both Facebook and building walls)? Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of peer review and criticism; you will come out stronger and better.
  2. Learn a new skill; it could be salsa dancing, a foreign language or baking. I know a few friends who enrolled in classes the moment we began the final year. While it is fun, the skill could be instrumental in wooing a potential spouse or surviving in the wild. (Ok, clearly I have watched too many movies but you get my point.)
  3. Cook something you have never done before and invite friends over. If you cook omena thrice a week, change the routine to, say, beef. I know a friend who made chapatis for a bunch of us for the first time in her life in campus. Needless to say, she was happy and we were full! While at it, visit a joint that you have never been to before and sample their delicacies. They are those few that stand out even at our very own stage. I will not mention any names lest I be accused of biased marketing.
  4. Answer a question in class. I should be the last person to urge people to do this mostly because I am a constant backbencher who has never raised a hand in a lecture. There is no way I am letting the lecturer know my face, leave alone my name. Today, a lecturer referred to all of us folk at the back as “faceless”. Decide not to be faceless and engage the professors. Do I need to mention the perks of being identifiable to a lecturer?
  5. Go for a voice test at MU FM, just for the thrill of it. Maybe you are cut out for radio and you don’t even know it because you never tried.
  6. Walk into the Margaret Thatcher Library, even for a few minutes if you are one of those people who have never been in there (and I know they exist). Nowadays you require your student ID to gain admission into the premises. Walk around, browse the bookshelves. Sometimes (just sometimes) you could find an awesome book. like finding a needle in a haystack. Or sit down and try read. If you are like me and tend to wander off to the graffiti on the boards or simply sleep, then just walk out. At least you tried.
  7. Is there something you were known for in high school, those many years ago, then you dropped it for one reason or other? I know there were many things I was and I am not now. You know yourself. We both know you did not get a brain transplant. Volunteer to visit schools and motivate those we left behind. Sleep less and give more. 

I will stop there for today, lest you get bored. But you are at liberty to add your own suggestions. Like I said, I am targeting the introverts, the Facebook and twitter addicts like me. (By the way, you could try tweeting and commenting less and talking to real people more. It’s a breath of fresh air, trust me.)

All I am saying is, do something different. Do something extra. Maybe you have even done everything on the list or you don’t want to. Or simply, you have your own version of a bucket list.

(Originally posted in the 3rd Eye, Moi University’s press club publication.)

3 thoughts on “Things to Do Before You Leave Moi University

  1. Shiku, that’s very true. I think life in campus will be more enjoyable if you engage in other Co curricular activities eg sports. Like myself I played volleyball all the way to East Africa championship and I feel I enjoyed my life in. Moi university.

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