January Things


Days fly. Blink and it’s February already. I wonder what you have achieved in January, or you were so busy labelling it Njaanuary that it just passed you by. Let us hope not.

I am not one to make yearly resolutions, I make daily ones. Just last week, I made one. I decided to write on a controversial topic and not share it. I wanted to see what would happen. It was an experiment, more or less. Did I learn something? Oh yes, I did. More than something. Sharing counts for a lot in today’s online reading. (I had to make sure.) Most of the things you stumble upon on the Net are as a result of sharing from your networks and friends.

For instance, that post did not even get to 100 views. I am guessing those views are from the few who have either bookmarked the blog or keep checking every once in a while. The rest of the views are from the normal traffic from Google and links from my social profiles. If I had shared it, the story would be so different. I am still not going to share it, it is still an experiment in progress.

On the other hand, even without sharing, I got a few reactions. One from a loyal reader and the other from a stranger. A stranger who had the guts to call me names and lecture me on how uneducated I was for not holding the same views as he did on the homosexuality topic. It is safe to say that I blocked him on Google+ and moved on with my life. One wonders what would have happened if I had actually shared the post. Lesson: Even when you don’t expect it, random people on the Internet will think they know everything and try to shove it down your throat. Keep a level head.

“…sarcasm is really the only time people tell the truth.” Propaganda

Indeed I have a friend who does not hold the same views as I do regarding homosexuality but we talked about it and moved on. We respect each other’s opinion. I respect your opinion. Respect mine.

This week, I am on another venture. I am avoiding social media. Well, mainstream social media: Twitter and Facebook. WhatsApp too. While it is quite difficult to do that being a social media manager and all, I log on to these sites for work only. I know, that sounds forced. You know that feature where you use Facebook as a page? Yes, that’s how I am rolling now. I will tell you how that goes by the end of this week. I had tried pulling the stunt on Google+ but that is quite impossible nowadays. You are there busy searching something out on Google or checking your mail and the bell up there comes short of shouting out your 5 notifications.

Miss me. 😉

Finally, my dears, if you feel you have anything you want to tell the world and you don’t have a channel to do so, the door to my blog is wide open. In short, I am calling you to be a guest and write here. I promise I will make as much noise as I make with my own pieces. Last time I hosted a guest, he was awesome! He just decided to remain anonymous. You can do that too. If I have ever rejected your post, don’t look at me like that, I need sanity here even as I endeavour to diversify and make this less about me. Yes, that is the other resolution for this week.

Later gators!

(This is also not getting shared, for purposes of consistency, domino effect and whatnot.)

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