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I am having one of those days I could easily pull out my hair (what’s left of it, that is). Fortunately I am in a head scarf so that thought is stopped in its tracks right there. I had this elaborate plan set out for Wednesday. I’d hit my desk and type away a post for work in a matter of minutes, schedule titbits and move on to other things. Unfortunately, that is heavily reliant on the Internet. Plus bright Shiku did not write it on Word first. I did it directly on WordPress so I cannot even build on it now. Argh.

Anyway, all I can do is blog (on Word and publish it later). I have lots to blog about but can’t pick out one thing. So I picked one of my many drafts. Yes, I have loads of drafts hidden inside these blogs. Some never see the light of day. Let’s see which one gets to be the lucky one today.

It’s been a while since I wrote about movies. I rarely do it. The last time I did, it broke me into a thousand pieces and made me think.

So I watched Noah. The movie is doing well according to box office ratings though it dropped from 2 to 5 this weekend. Word of advice. If you go into the movie thinking it is a Christian movie, kindly rethink that. It is not. It is basically like any other Sci-Fi movie for a good part of it. I will not spoil it for you but consider yourself warned. You will get annoyed, laugh at the absurdity and breathe a sigh of relief now and then. When the movie ends, there will be an eerie silence in the cinema hall, or wherever it is you will be watching it. Like what in the world did I just watch? Is that it? Even Russell Crowe won’t make you feel any better.

Russell and Jennifer Connelly are hubby and wifey once again, like in A Beautiful Mind. But this is nothing in comparison. I could rewatch A Beautiful Mind a million times and still cry a river. I did not shed a tear in Noah. I guess there are lines to be drawn in fictionalizing true stories, especially if everyone knows what will or should happen. I rest my case. Tell me when you watch it. By the way, it is still a great experience in 3D and even greater if you love movies with fake machines like Transformers. Okay, seriously, I rest my case.

In other related news, I got wind of the movie Heaven Is for Real and went Googling. And what do you know? The movie is based on an actual book that was written by the little boy’s father. So that is what I am currently reading. Will tell you all about it soon if it makes me inspired enough. The movie will be released in the US this Easter weekend. How timely!

Then there is God’s Not Dead. Number 7, box office this weekend. God’s Not Dead began with the Newsboys “God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)” track that was downright awesome. The video too. The movie which features a Kenyan has been hyped in Christian circles for quite a while. I specifically look forward to watching it because I know what it means to be in a lecture where lecturers challenge your faith, or social media for that matter.

I am yet to watch Son of God. The hype and associated criticisms behind all these movies are expected. I love these kinds of times when everyone has an opinion about everything. I listen, take mental notes and move on.

Net is still not back so let me figure out what else I can do that I have been postponing. There is very little I can do in my line of work without Internet all the same. My Safaricom modem is practically useless at my desk for some strange reason. My phone too can hardly connect though I am still insisting on publishing this using the Blogger app. I will edit and insert all the links later. And here I thought I was a few kilometres from Safaricom House.

See you when you see me!

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