High School Memories That Made Me Laugh Out Loud


Today’s Throwback Thursday post is for you 4Wians, class of 2007, Alliance Girls High School. It so happens that I used to record all these things somewhere before I had a blog. Yesterday I pulled out my diary from back in the day and found these funny memories tucked in there. I laughed so hard my baby sister was not pleased with me. Here goes:

If you remember these events (not in chronological order), you were indeed in 4W in the year 2007. I will withhold classmates’ names for obvious reasons.

The day Mr. Ayiro caught us in the noise-making act during preps and switched off the lights on us. That did not stop us from going on. So he came back and ordered out in the dark, outside Homan Block to sing rhymes and singing games. Didn’t we have fun! Unbelievable lot.

The day Mrs. Mbugua made a lecture about noise-making during one of the weekly chapel briefings then we went right ahead to make a din in class. Needless to say, I was one of the main culprits. So we ended up in the farm after finding jembes and changing into those tracksuits. Of course we dug, but not without drama here and there; taking photos, roasting maize, basking in the sweet sun and basically having a blast! Of course there were blisters the next day but hey, we were looking on the bright side.

The day Mr. Nangulu concluded a boring literature lesson by saying something to this effect “Tell your classmates to bring their night gear in the next lesson. The same rain that falls on sugar-cane is the same one that falls (on some bitter herb I cannot remember as I was still half asleep).” Basically he was hinting at all of us who had been aswatch (asleep) for the better part of that afternoon double.

The day Bi. Nkonge caught one of us asleep as usual and told her, “Wewe hata Yesu akirudi atakupata ukiwa umelala!

The day one of us had not written a certain essay but was unfortunately picked to read it out to the rest of the class. The mad girl went ahead to read a blank page to us. She did it so meticulously she was not caught! For those of us who knew what she was up to, it was downright hilarious!

The day someone suggested that the name Bi. Keti from Mwisho wa Kosa was jina la majazi because the mama had very many problems that made her sit down. And this someone was so serious she did not even flinch when we burst out laughing.

The ‘partnership’ drama between us and 4D across the valley. I will not pursue this further.

The day we had a farewell ‘picnic’ in the field courtesy of Mr. Nangulu. Aaawww, that was just so sweet!

The day 1Wians took our cups from our Para tables and they had to write apology letters to each of us! Aki that was bullying but still funny in retrospect.

Mr. Ayiro’s ‘big word for today’ over his history lessons and the girl who would take out a dictionary every time he walked in.

The day someone scribbled ‘free’ on the space allocated to the history lesson on the chalkboard. Upon seeing this when he walked in, Mr. Ayiro proceeded to tell us that we reminded him of the 3Y class of 1999 whose members were all suspended. *Shiver*

The day we were last to get to parade and to make it worse, some of us were strolling. So when a few of us were already in place on the parade ground, Mrs. Mbugua told the unlucky ones to stop where they were and get out of the school for crosso! (cross country) In the morning! Fully dressed!

The day we sat for a Kiswahili exam featuring never-heard-of methali. One of them read: “Akupaye kisogo__” So one of us bright ones completed it as “Akupaye kisogo labda ana viwili.” Kwaaa!

There you have it. You can’t make this stuff up! Those were good times. There are more memories in the list but I chose to keep them out of here as they are a bit sensitive. If you remember an epic moment I seem to have forgotten, hit me up!

Hope you are all doing well wherever you are Wians, and all Busherians in general. Walk in the light! :*

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