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10 Google Chrome Extensions You Will Probably Love - Thoughts and Stuff

10 Google Chrome Extensions You Will Probably Love


You have that one browser you love to bits. Mine happens to be Google Chrome. I have tried working with Mozilla Firefox and I did not last long. And the only reason I tried it is because I thought Chrome was weighing my laptop down. At first, I thought it was the number of extensions I had on it, so I disabled all of them. However, I could not carry out my work as social media manager efficiently, so I had to bring my must-have extensions back.

These are my favourite browser extensions which you will probably love too, if you don’t already, especially if you are also in my line of work i.e. you manage blogs and social media accounts for most of your days.

  1. Google Dictionary

You know how you have a known a word most of your life but you are suddenly not sure why it sounds wrong or looks funny? This is where this extension comes in handy. Type a word or phrase in, it will define it for you in seconds. If you are reading through an engrossing article on the Internet and you have no idea what a particular word means, just double-click on the word and Google Dictionary defines it for you there and then. Now you have an extra word in your grammar arsenal! Tell me you don’t like it already!

Link: Google Dictionary (by Google)Google Dictionary

  1. Zemanta Options

This is an extension from Related Content by Zemanta that will be very relevant to you if you blog. It helps you add tags, images and related links to your post as you type it. The browser button is grey when it is inactive but immediately turns orange when you load your ‘New Post’ page. You will love it because it has an extra perk that may not seem obvious at first. It leads you to other interesting reads on the same topic you are writing about.

Link: Related Content by Zemanta

  1. AdBlock

Do you hate online ads? If you are like me and most other people, I know you do. If you don’t you need to tell me what you eat to maintain sanity. I hate adverts popping up when I am surfing the Web and that is where AdBlock comes in. No more annoying ads before your YouTube videos or on your Google search, Facebook or anywhere else. You get to enjoy that clean experience and see who deserves your attention organically. All you need to do is install it and poof! Those annoying adverts are history.

Link: AdBlock

Oh, and by the way, there is this new social network that wants to give you that advert-free experience, a Facebook but without adverts. I am still waiting for them to accept my request to join.

  1. PageRank Display

This will not make sense if you are not into the SEO and content marketing hullaballoo. For me though, I cannot go to a new website and not want to know its PageRank. In layman’s terms, PageRank shows you how authoritative the website is in the world of websites. Why do I need it? Because it helps me know if a brand mention on an article is worth tweeting from the brand’s official account as a ‘press mention’ or something along those lines. All the same, PageRank is not so important nowadays in terms of ranking on Google. Having said that, the number displayed on the PageRank button means something to me. Clicking on it also gives you the site’s Google indexing and Alexa information.

Link: PageRank Display

  1. Save to Pocket

This is when you want to read all the links in your world of interest but cannot. So you get to tuck them in your ‘pocket’ to read later. In fact, the app was called Read Later before it became Pocket. All you do is load the page and click the Pocket button and it saved in your Pocket. The best thing is that if you have a smartphone, it will be synced in your Pocket app too, so you can read the links on the go.

Link: Save to Pocket

PocketI used Evernote for an almost similar purpose during my final year in campus because it tends to be better when you are dealing with large projects where you save articles and pages in categories, but I find that I don’t need it anymore. I will need it when I go back to school soon.

  1. Buffer

This is the most hyped social media dashboard today and with good reason. Buffer lets you schedule social media posts on a range of social networks from anywhere you are on the web. If you are on Twitter or Facebook and want to retweet/reshare something later, buffer it. In addition, you can choose to send that very post to other networks beyond the one you are on at that moment. You can also simply post from the Buffer dashboard. If you want to add many accounts, you need to sign up to the Awesome Plan, Buffer’s premium service. But there is a workaround to that. Just sign up every brand you run to a separate account. Simple.

Link: BufferBuffer

  1. Pin It Button

You may not know what Pinterest is. You may also think it is a girlish social network. Well, it kinda is. In a nutshell, Pinterest lets you collect images from across the web and add them to boards. You pin your interests – Pinterest. I know you see it now. When I see I dress I love, I pin it to my Wishlist board. When I read a quote that inspires me, I pin it on my Quotes board. When I drop by a site with beautiful photography, I pin some to my Awesomeness board. You get the drift. And I do it so easily because of that Pin It button. The extension also brings with it a pin it option on the Chrome right-click menu and a button if you hover over images in most sites.

Link: Pin It Button

  1. Pushbullet

Pushbullet was recommended to me by my good friend Alex. I hated it at first because it activated Talkback on my Samsung Galaxy S II Plus. It doesn’t any more. Pushbullet brings every notification on your phone to your desktop, from phone calls to battery low to app notifications. So you don’t have to keep looking at your phone and can have it on mute the whole time you are at your desk. When you want to send something to your phone and vice versa, Pushbullet is the app you need. I use it to send links from my phone to my computer when I see something I might need at work. The links open up once you open Google Chrome whenever that may be. Perfect, right?

Pushbullet has attempted to allow us to reply to messages on desktop recently but that did not work out so well because the message is not synced to your phone, so you can never be sure whether you sent it. That is where the next Chrome extension comes in.

Link: Pushbullet

  1. MightyText

This is the best Google Chrome extension for text messaging, in my opinion. I love it because it shows you all your message threads and syncs all the messages sent from the computer to your phone. I can chat my boyfriend (and everyone else 😉 ) any time of day without shifting my attention from my computer to my phone. Time saved, more work accomplished. Straight to the point.

Link: MightyTextMightyText

Oh, did you know the average person checks their phone 110 times a day? This is according to data from an app called Locket. I am pretty sure this is an understatement for most of us phone addicts.

  1. TweetDeck by Twitter

Of course I was not going to leave TweetDeck out. If you are a Twitter addict like yours truly, you have probably tried a million Google Chrome extensions that claim to be the ultimate Twitter client. None has ever worked perfectly for me except TweetDeck. Although it only works when you open it in its own tab, it notifies you of whatever you need it to with sounds and/or popups, whichever you prefer. So you can perfectly multitask and attend to users at the same time if you hear that shrilly notification sound. I prefer to pin the tab for that subtle look. You can share any link to Twitter by right-clicking too.

Link: TweetDeck by TwitterTweetDeck

There you have it. Those are the 10 Google Chrome extensions I cannot function without. They probably have Firefox equivalents so if you are a Mozilla fan boy/girl, you should be sorted. If you use Internet Explorer, you need prayers. What are your favourite browser extensions?

As promised, October is work posts month. And because it starts on a Wednesday, the posts will be a Wednesday affair. Work Wednesday. Keep it locked!

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  1. Bluhell firewall, blocks those sites that are malicious and which tries tor read data from your computer or post with out your knowledge- it comes in handy

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