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Weekly Whatnots: Early Edition - Thoughts and Stuff

Weekly Whatnots: Early Edition


I loved that series. Early Edition. Anyway, here is the thing, my writing is too erratic for anyone’s liking. For that reason, and to reduce the number of times I apologize for not writing consistently in 2015, I will be writing this weekly piece just to make sure the blog does not grow cobwebs. No one likes to walk through cobwebs, at least I don’t. Here goes:

Reading Gray Mountain. I bought the huge hardback book to read on my commute knowing very well it was going to be next to impossible to hack that. I took it out of my bag on Thursday morning, upon giving up on the venture. It’s now dusty and halfway read. So I am back to my Flipboard reading in the morn. Sometimes I read The Dinner, an electronic copy I downloaded upon Biko’s review.

Watching Silicon Valley. *hides* This series is crazy in all ways possible. Yaani, I would not let my baby sister come anywhere near my laptop then because, language. But you know what, it’s about a startup. And it’s hilarious. So I guess I can handle the craziness for now. Favourite guy: fat dude with the blank face who owns 10% of every stupid app you can imagine. Before that, I was watching Crisis for a month, then downed the last four episodes last Saturday in my tiredness because I just had to see how that ex-CIA dude was going to outsmart the FBI. Needless to say, I was not satisfied. That ending had holes. Then there is Satisfaction. All these things I am watching from peer pressure. I will tell you how this one goes.

Listening to KB’s Crowns & Thorns (Oceans). Can’t wait for that album to drop yo!

Teaching my sister to do things other than watch stupid cartoons during her free time. If she was given the freedom, she’d rewatch Frozen every day and replay that song kids love five times in that one day. Not on my watch. So she can now fill Sudoku and play Scrabble. 🙂

Learning to be extremely versatile. I do stuff I never thought I’d ever do from 9-5 nowadays. Like trying to explain to someone over and over again something that is as clear as day but to them it is not. Sigh. I have never been the patient kind but I am slowly learning to be.

Looking for nice blouses and tops. Is top an actual English word for that kind of garment or did Kenyans come up with that too? Anyway, I have been on a mission to pass by Dagoretti market every Wednesday just to see if my quest will be successful. Not so much. So I am still looking. Any top I have bought outside Eastleigh never lasts. Fake stuff. I even tried Jade Collection. Yesterday I decided to grow guts and walk into Secrets. Lol. That crazy expensive joint at Sarit for women’s underwear. I actually tried on bras. TMI. 4k worth bras. Are you kidding me? Pretty sure that mama knew I was not going to walk away with those expensive monstrosities. That’s something else I am doing now, acting like I am going to buy outrageously expensive stuff just to see if I will ever change my mind towards that kind of extravagance. 😀

Cringing over Wednesday’s incident. Speaking of Jade Collection, I had never fallen for the façade. You know, those pretty things they display on the windows, a different colour scheme every time you are in the CBD? Well, I finally fell for it in my desperation. Long story short, a pair of pants I bought at the beginning of this year is no more. Aside from the fact that it is that material that gathers into blanket-like things around the part most susceptible to friction (read backside) it decided to let go and the zip ripped when I sneezed on Wednesday. No one noticed anything (I hope) since I can cover up such events pretty well. Lesson learnt. No more Jade Collection stuff.

Eating well. I am back to over 50kg. \o/ I ate some weird things on Friday too. Some seafood. Contrary to my growing versatility, I would be lying if I said I loved it. Definitely not as much as I love my ugali. Baby steps.

Throwing my cat off everything. Right now it actually thinks it will sleep on my bed. You should see it coiled up beside me. You have another thing coming, Miss. She now knows her name is puss, by the way. Miss Puss.

Wondering how in the world Baba Yao is now Baba Yetu. /o\ That escalated quickly…

Waiting for my phone. Waiting patiently because I need a camera that actually works! I have been dying inside with my blurred phone camera here. You know when something is so near yet so far, that’s me right now with my new phone. I need that upgrade. Story for another day. Even this photo that I shared on Instagram, I took with my mum’s Nokia Lumia 520. Even though I hate on it all the time, that phone has a great camera.

Sunny Sunday in Kikuyu

Missing someone.

Reminding you to click: www.blogawards.co.ke/vote/ and vote for building.co.ke, if you have not already. You do not even have to vote for anything else. Just go straight to category 9, vote and submit.

Wishing you all a happy week ahead!

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