Fun Fact

I thought I’d share this interesting discovery. Thanks to Facebook’s “On This Day” feature where it digs up your memories from the past on any day, I have discovered that I can be extraordinarily creative between May 20th and 28th. For real. Sample this:

On May 24 2012, I wrote the first post that I considered to hit popular status back then, Dear [name withheld].

On May 20 2013, I wrote that breakout post that was published without my consent on Nairobi Wire and the likes, Five Couple You Will Meet in Campus. A week later, on May 27 2013, I wrote Six Guys You’ll Meet in a Ladies’ Hostel, perched on my study table looking out the window. These two I did mostly motivated by Moi University’s Press Club, The 3rd Eye, where I really found myself.

One year later, on May 28 2014, I wrote another breakout post, When Being Single Was Awesome, which went on to be the most popular post to this day on this blog.

Interesting right? So what was I doing between those dates this year? Well, my creative juices went elsewhere, way before I even discovered this May pattern of mine.

Introducing Very much a work in progress right now. Watch that space.

Thank you for always reading. 🙂

Happy June!Time