Why You Have That Headache 2


You take the painkillers and they simply don’t work. Not in the least. You get that headache again on a Friday night and you just get mad at the world. You don’t finish your supper and just shut everyone out and go to bed. To struggle to sleep. You decide to not move out of the house the next day. To stay put. To iron all the clothes that have piled up over the month and just chill out. Your hair’s a mess. The growth is just annoying. Maybe that’s why your head is aching. That growth is always painful anyways.

You go to church the next day and pray through it all. The preacher is very soft-spoken, almost too soft-spoken for my liking. But at least she’s not the shouting ones who literally make your head want to ache. It was raining earlier, but you woke up anyway, thanks to your internal clock. Who knew you had one?! You are growing old, and things are really changing. Maybe your head is just adjusting to real adulthood. Like 26 is just two months away. You should probably stop obsessing over your age.

Monday comes knocking. Crazy day. You can’t seem to get anything done because too much is happening. At least tomorrow is Mashujaa Day, you tell yourself. You get through the day and ensure everyone is happy. You really want to let go of everything that could be causing the headaches. So instead of watching something tonight, you decide to learn how to do Cups by Anna Kendrick. Hehe. Like seriously. You actually learn it. You and your sister, via a YouTube tutorial. Your mum smiles at how relaxed you look, doing this on your bedroom floor. You just had to. It has been an earworm all day. No headache. Great.

Mashujaa Day, you avoid work completely, because even your teammates want you to rest. You don’t comb your hair. Your brother thinks you’re crazy walking around like that. You take a long walk in the sun. You play with a toddler. You walk back home. Maybe you should like shave all this hair off. The week drags by. You live like nothing is happening. Sometimes you get them in the morning. You have tried to hydrate. You even take lemon water and greens. No difference. Even reading is becoming a problem. But Steve Jobs is getting interesting. So you try read it in an angle. Lol.

People begin to notice you’re not on Facebook. You get more texts and calls. At least people care. She tells you to get beetroot. It’s too sugary but good for the blood. He tells you to take it easy. Friends are precious. You remind the others that you are still not on WhatsApp. You’re not going back. Stop sending those “Check out WhatsApp Messenger for your smartphone. Download it today from https://whatsapp.com/dl/” messages. They are a tad annoying. You have this bright idea that not being on these things will take your headache away. Maybe you’re right. Let’s wait and see.

You wake up this Saturday with a timely headache. Argh. Time for a walk. It’s a fresh morning, it drizzled at night. Maybe you could get panadols along the way. You walk slowly, willing the headache away. By the time you’re walking back from the shop, the headache magically disappears. The dog is giving birth. You forget all your woes and join in the excitement. Maybe it’s all in your head. So maybe you can actually have your hair made. You see to it, then go another hospital. She asks you the same questions. Then she concludes that you need to take eight glasses of water everyday. Groan. You walk out with just a water prescription. So weird. Fine. You’ll continue living life as usual, in addition to the now regular loo visits. Such a bother, drinking water all the time. Tasteless, colourless stuff.

Fine. Let’s see how it goes. It actually seems to be working. Thank God it’s still nothing serious. Vacation, see you in two weeks.

Steve Jobs
Read this paragraph and tell me it doesn’t make you happy. Or sad. Or both.

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