Could You Live Without Your Phone?

I was eventually going to run on near empty if I wrote everyday. Hehe. Anyway, it’s 11.21 pm and I’ll beat the deadline.

If you’ve been here a while, you must remember my many posts about my Samsung phones. Well, I can tell you now, without mincing my words, that I’ll never buy a Samsung phone again, for myself. I added that part because I just bought one for my dad. He insisted he only trusts Samsung, now that he doesn’t have his beloved Nokia choice. Oh well. At least I got to be offered a drink at that Samsung shop near Lifestyle. Lol.

Now, what made me change my mind, you ask? Hadn’t I loved Shindroid 2.1 so much I couldn’t wait to blog about it? I did. I loved it, I did. For many months, until I upgraded to lollipop and everything started tumbling down. First, I’d charge my phone, sleep and in the morning, it was making low battery sounds. I was like, wait a second, what am I missing? It took me a few weeks to realize what was happening. It would die at all the wrong times. During a trip, especially. I decided to ignore the fact. Pretty soon, the torch could not turn on when I needed it. Shortly after, whenever I took a picture with flash, it would make a weird cracking noise and shut down. Nothing I did would turn it on, nothing but removing the battery. Argh.

I was fed up. I Googled downgrading to KitKat. It was too much work and even though I downloaded those softwares required for the process, I never followed through. I endured the annoying shutdowns until I decided to try another battery. My bro got me one. It kinda improved the situation but not really. It was time to get phone guy into the process. He installed CyanogenMod on Shindroid and it was like having a whole new phone all over again. I almost rejoiced. Not that I don’t like the features, but phone still shuts down when it wants. I don’t even care about it anymore now. I toyed with the idea of a Nexus or even an iPhone. I did. No! Shiku! You say. But seriously, if the people with these phones don’t suffer like me, then why not, right?

I have even toyed with the idea of being phoneless. Sometimes it dies and I don’t bother turning it on. I don’t feel a thing. There’s a time I would probably have bitten my nails off if that happened. Lakini think about it. What’s the point of all these gadgets if they keep depressing you? If you have to keep walking around the house because someone on the other end can’t hear you. If you can’t send a Slack message successfully on data because it sucks. If you cannot do anything when you need to because the battery lasts for two seconds alive. If you can’t play wma files on the new OS. If you can’t take a picture with flash. If you have to buy a hundred covers to keep the screen and camera intact. If it just makes you depressed, what’s the point? Is it not better to just stick with a Nokia as my dad has very happily demonstrated?

Would you live one day without your phone and still feel complete? You know, like back in the day when owning a landline was a luxury? Would you live apart from it for a week? Could you?