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Newer Eyes, Newer Ears - Thoughts and Stuff

Newer Eyes, Newer Ears


Hi lovely people! Remember back in October when we were discussing Streetlights Bible? (I say discussing because some awesome peeps took over this Facebook post and the conversation in there was simply off the charts.) Well, as usual, my excitement died down and I forgot about it after listening to just a few books.

Truth be told, I have been struggling to read the past few months, not just the Bible but any book. The days I could read a book in a day because of how it made me feel are gone. I think the last time I did that was with 13 Reasons Why mid last year. I have bought books and read a chapter of each and moved on to another. Smh. I think the tide is changing back to normal now after I discovered Jojo Moyes had written a third book as a sequel to Me Before YouStill Me. And I would not have found out had it not been for me walking into Text Book Centre by chance just to pass time and seeing it right there on the shelf among the new arrivals. I immediately picked it up and started reading it same day. Again, I have not read it in a day or two like I did with Me Before You, or After You but at least I am making progress.

Which brings me back to Streetlights Bible. Last Sunday, my favourite preacher, John Calvin Kamau was on the pulpit sharing the Word from Psalms 119:105. Every time I hear that verse I automatically start singing the song in my head. We sang that song a ton during choir voice praco (practice) back in high school.

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”

The sermon was about how we can apply this simple line in our lives. It was nothing new or ground-breaking, but the thing about listening to a good interpretation of a verse is that you think about it in a different light. For instance, it was not the first time someone was telling me to read the Bible every day. In fact, it was not the first time Reverend was saying this, but for some reason it hit me differently. Maybe it’s the way I was seated, I changed my usual sitting position on Sunday. Lol. Anyway, Reverend emphasized that we should read the Bible systematically, not kiudutho. He outlined steps.

Make a decision on when you will read the Bible. What time. Night or day? During breakfast or before you sleep? We are all different, and because of that, someone who can comfortably read early in the morning is totally different from someone else who prefers night-time reading. Just make sure you don’t finish reading the chapter the next morning because you dozed off, like those of us who say Amen to a prayer started at night the next morning. He mentioned that it helps to accompany the reading with an energizer. For him, breakfast is his energizer to read. So when he has his tea, the Bible is right there. Literally feeding the soul and body at the same time.

Then he said it. Faith comes by hearing. That it helps to not just read but to listen to the Word being read. I think this is when the sermon became incredibly powerful to me because I instantly remembered telling everyone about Streetlights Bible – but then I became lazy and moved on with my life. Reverend Calvin also informed us that Scripture Union also has this program in which the Bible is read out and it is literally dubbed Faith comes by hearing. And then today, when I went back to Streetlights, I chose to start with Romans and right there, as Odd Thomas read out the verses it was repeated back to me:

“Faith comes by hearing…” Romans 10:17

Reading and listening are not enough, of course. There is memorizing scripture and meditating upon it. Anyone who can worry can meditate, he said. 🙂 Tell me how that is not deep? And then ultimately there is acting upon the Word.

Something else about my pastor is that he came in and brought so much change (that actually matters) in how sermons are delivered and ministries are fulfilling the commission, it makes me strive to do a better job in bringing change at my workplace. Every so often, there is a theme that stretches across several months of the year, and when I say theme I don’t mean a random theme that sermons borrow from lightly. I mean a real theme. Currently the theme is “Arise and Shine” and so all sermons are about light and arising. Previously, we were all reading the Purpose Driven Life (which I did not read because I did it once upon a time but should definitely re-read). The same sermon that is preached in Kikuyu Township is the same one preached in Kidfarmaco Church, Youth Fellowship and the same one we teach our children in Sunday School. So that if you’re seated at home with your kids, you’re literally speaking the same language after church, it’s just that you listened from your different levels of understanding.

Anyway, before I go on and on and tomorrow is a workday, in short, I have begun reading the Bible systematically, again. This time, I hope and pray I don’t stop in the middle again. And to make it a bit different I started from… wait for it…



The scary book. A chapter per night. I will tell you what I have learnt soon. I am hoping I understand it a bit better, at least by just trying for now. The rest will come later.

Also, if you are coming with me to Lecrae’s concert on June 7th, please let’s meet outside after the service. Dhenks.

3 thoughts on “Newer Eyes, Newer Ears

  1. First, reading the Bible daily is one of the things I am also working on daily. I am learning to take steps purposely to improve it and so far I see great progress.
    Second, I really hope this year I will actually attend Lecrae’s concert. The last time he was around I just didn’t show up 😀

    1. Preach! Let’s walk the talk.

      Lol. Last time was cray!! Don’t miss this one. If you hear anything about actual event plans/tickets, let me know. I’m yet to see anything.

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