Diary of a Bibi Mama: Second Trimester Edition


Yes. I coined a term for my new life. If you have been here long enough, you know I used to write about singlehood every month, with unashamed contentment. Then I stopped owning that vibe. As a result, we’re here with a completely new series. Somebody say hallelujah. 

This is a sequel to the last post. If you know, you know.

It is finally here. That trimester that every female you know has told you to wait for. The second trimester. The honeymoon phase. You were not sure whether to believe them or not because some Baby Center members have insisted that first trimester woes can go to the end of your pregnancy. That thought would keep you occupied during the first trimester, agonizing and praying that that does not become you. 

Thank the Lord Almighty that was not you. Except for the once-a-week recurrence of all-day-sickness. I mean, baby won’t let you off the hook that easily. Lazima akukumbushe bado ako area every 5 to 7 days. During those rare days of this honeymoon trimester, you just consider the day lost and rest, waiting for the next awesome day.

Your Strength and Everything Come Back

Yaaaaaassss! You are even the one asking to be cuddled now. Your energy for everything is back, even with the ever-growing bump. You love cooking, because you know you’re going to enjoy the results. You discover Cookpad and Tasty, save and make a lot of recipes there. Hubby loves this! You even cook and bake stuff you had never done before you were pregnant! And you will eat and enjoy the flavours. You just have to ease in slowly, because eating too late in the night gives you heartburn, which can very easily trigger puking. The saliva eventually dries up too. Yay!

You want to walk a lot now. You can walk into a restaurant and eat whatever you want without repercussions. You have so much faith in your body stability now that you are very excited about your approaching anniversary. And are pumped to travel. More on this soon.

Your Clothes No Longer Fit

Well, you are still insisting on wearing a lot of your normal clothes. Turns out a lot of the dresses are still very much wearable and comfortable. Normal pants are out of question now. The first maternity anything you purchase are those great maternity jeans at LC Waikiki. Very functional dressing this. 

For example… 😀

You take bumpies (for those unfamiliar, this is a bump selfie) a lot now, because you want to cherish these memories. Plus friends who might never see you this 2020 want to see. The car seat belt kinda bothers you for some reason, so you place a heavy shawl on your belly. Oh, and you hate speed bumps.

Your Baby Flutters!!

Your doctor calls it quickening. You begin to feel the movements around 17 weeks. You get so excited. You want to feel baby all the time. Because she is still small, you can’t really call them kicks at this point. 

You lie down quietly during your 20 week ultrasound and wait for the man to count those bones. He literally counts the baby’s bones one by one. This is the point they look out for any anomalies. Doctor had even suggested amniocentesis, an invasive procedure that checks if the baby has other developmental abnormalities like Down Syndrome. But you and hubby don’t see the point, honestly. The baby is yours and you are going to love him and do the best for the little bundle of joy together. So help you God. 

At this point, you can choose to know the gender. You choose not to know. You’re all about that surprise at the end. Sorry, gender reveal peoples. 😀 However, the names are already sorted. Somehow that was very easy to arrive at because you started talking about it way before you were even a man and wife.

Your Normal Brain Functions Are Back Too

You can work. You can draw up plans. You are yourself during calls. You can still very much mask the fact that you are pregnant, thanks to the lockdown and remote meetings. Eventually you will have to report your situation, so you don’t disappear on people in a few months.

You have a short nesting period where you are thinking about baby clothes and bassinets and moving to somewhere else. And you had better do it soon before another lockdown is brought upon you. Better safe than sorry. Thankfully, the lockdown does not happen. And so you find items that are as neutral as possible. Even your mothers revisit their crocheting and knitting from back in the day, now that they are also stuck at home with not much to do with the new normal. They make baby the cutest little sweaters, pants, booties and shawls. Perhaps you should also think of relearning how to do it? 🤔

All in all, there are days you even forget you are pregnant. But those are very rare. Because you remember you are when you try to lie on your back or tummy at night. 🤣 You have always been a tummy sleeper. This side thing, well… You will just have to get used to it before it becomes a side sleep+ pillows to prop you up in a few weeks. When you groan at the very thought of getting up or turning.

You are almost there! Bring it on, third trimester! 

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