Your Emotions in the First Trimester

I promised to cover an entire post on the feelings and thoughts during the first trimester. I am hoping this helps a girl who inevitably finds herself here in the near future. You are not alone.  The interesting thing about the beginning of this journey is how you thought you knew what you were getting […]

10 Ways Your Body Will Surprise You in the First Trimester

It starts slowly. Gently. One moment, you’re not 100% sure you are pregnant even though you took a test that displayed two lines pretty instantaneously. You even go to the doctor’s just for a second opinion. He does no test. He is sure you are, based on your LMP and general cycle history. Oh yeah, […]

Honey, I Don’t Have a Headache Tonight

By Wanjiru Kihusa Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I can already hear the collective groan from the men. I know how hard it is on you. I do. It’s just after January, the never-ending 60 day month that constantly reminds you of the poor financial decisions you made in December. Finally it’s over. February […]

Who says I want to be married to a campus dude?

So you won’t marry a campus chiq, huh? But did you pause to think, even for a moment, that maybe I do not want to be married to a campus dude? You are not the only one with a choice to make, you know? The other day there was outrage from my fellow campus ladies […]

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